Source Code

The Pegasus source code is hosted on GitHub:

To check out the latest code from the repository type:

git clone

If you have a GitHub account with write access to the Pegasus repository you can type:

git clone

Developers wishing to contribute code to the Pegasus project can fork the project on GitHub and submit a pull request through the GitHub web interface.

Fisheye can also be used to browse the Pegasus source and view changes.

Nightly Builds

The nightly builds can be downloaded from here.

Issue Tracking

Jira is currently used to track bugs, enhancements, and tasks for Pegasus development.

In the future we plan to transition to GitHub for issue tracking, but for now all bug reports should be opened in Jira.

Mailing Lists

This mailing list is used to discuss Pegasus development. The volume of traffic is moderate.

This mailing list is used to report source code checkins and nightly test results for Pegasus. The volume of traffic is high.


The Pegasus Wiki is used for design and development documentation.

Old Subversion Repository


The Pegasus source code was hosted in a Subversion repository until 2/4/2013. Release 4.2.1 and later used the GitHub repository above.

The old Subversion repository is:

To check out the last version of Pegasus that is in the Subversion repository (4.2.0) type:

svn checkout pegasus