Job Opening: Project Administrator

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The SciTech group does research and development on software systems to help scientists manage large-scale computations. We work with scientists in domains ranging from genomics and proteomics to seismology and gravitational wave physics. We help scientists deploy their computations on some of the largest and fastest computing systems in the world. Our main project is the Pegasus Workflow Management system, which is used to orchestrate complex, large-scale data processing and computation pipelines. Pegasus compiles abstract, high-level workflow descriptions into efficient executable workflows that can be deployed on diverse cyberinfrastructure. In this process it expands and optimizes the workflow, adding data management tasks and performing task clustering, cleanup and other optimizations.

For more information about our group please visit our website:

The SciTech group is part of the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI). A unit of the University of Southern California’s highly ranked Viterbi School of Engineering, ISI is one of the nation’s largest, most successful university-affiliated computer research institutes. ISI researchers bridge the gap between theoretical basic research and product-oriented research and development. Its diverse expertise ranges from core engineering and computer science discovery to design, modeling and implementation of innovative prototypes and devices. A pacesetter for more than 40 years, ISI helped conceive, design and implement the Internet, including communications protocols that remain fundamental to Net operations such as TCP/IP, ICMP, DNS and SMTP. Today ISI’s research initiatives span a broad range of fields including: intelligent systems such as natural language processing, machine translation and information integration; informatics that include computer networks, medical informatics and decision systems; computational systems such as supercomputing approaches and biomimetics; and advanced electronics for space and other purposes.

ISI is located in beautiful, sunny Marina Del Rey, California.

The SciTech group ( at the USC Information Sciences Institute is looking for a project administrator to manage a pilot study for Cyberinfrastructure Center of Excellence ( and help develop it into a Center.  We are looking for a competent, self-motivated project manager with a strong interest in scientific computing. The position involves coordination and managing the project across multiple teams in different geographical locations.

The ideal candidate would have experience in distributed computing and scientific computing, and prior experience in managing cyberinfrastructure projects at a research computing facility.



  • Plans, organizes and schedules activities to meet objectives. Ensures that these are well-documented and communicated to project personnel.
  • Evaluates, recommends and implements procedures for data acquisition, management and quality control. Prepares technical reports and papers on study plans, progress and results of research activities.
  • Helps to develop and manage project budgets. Prepares and/or directs the preparation of financial reports as required. Directs ongoing purchasing activities including authorizations of one-time major purchases.
  • Plans and staffs project operations based on proposed research activities and timelines. Includes negotiation and oversight of subcontracted services as necessary. Motivates and monitors the progress of work performed by project staff to include senior technical personnel.
  • Identifies funding sources and opportunities. Authors technical proposals and/or works with researchers to develop project proposals. Interfaces with funding agencies to exchange information regarding project status and to build and maintain rapport to enhance opportunities for additional funding.
  • Plans and participates in meetings, discussion groups and other types of events to promote project visibility. Engages in presentations on behalf of the project.
  • Coordinates and/or links project operations with other administrative and research functions on and off campus. Serves as a key resource for project information and resolves problems or questions referred by internal and external sources.
  • Helps gather information for and disseminate information to the project website and social media.
  • Establishes and maintains an active network of professional contacts.


Required Skills  

  • Computing skills: Experience with relevant software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Overleaf; Internet search tools, web design, and repositories such as GitHub.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Preferred Skills

  • Management experience: Previous project management experience in a university environment preferably a supercomputing or a university computing center
  • Understanding of the cyberinfrastructure stack and familiarity with popular open source computing stacks.
  • Preferred Experience: 5 years, combined education/experience as substitute for minimum experience


The University of Southern California values diversity and is committed to equal opportunity in employment.

Minimum Education: Master’s degree, Combined experience/education as substitute for minimum education
Minimum Experience: 3 years, Combined education/experience as substitute for minimum experience
Minimum Field of Expertise: Directly related education and project administration experience in specialized field represented by project.


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