14.5. Braindump File

The braindump file is created per workflow in the submit file and contains metadata about the workflow.

Table 14.2. Information Captured in Braindump File

user the username of the user that ran pegasus-plan
grid_dn the Distinguished Name in the proxy
submit_hostname the hostname of the submit host
root_wf_uuid the workflow uuid of the root workflow
wf_uuid the workflow uuid of the current workflow i.e the one whose submit directory the braindump file is.
dax the path to the dax file
dax_label the label attribute in the adag element of the dax
dax_index the index in the dax.
dax_version the version of the DAX schema that DAX referred to.
pegasus_wf_name the workflow name constructed by pegasus when planning
timestamp the timestamp when planning occured
basedir the base submit directory
submit_dir the full path for the submit directory
properties the full path to the properties file in the submit directory
planner the planner used to construct the executable workflow. always pegasus
planner_version the versions of the planner
pegasus_build the build timestamp
planner_arguments the arguments with which the planner is invoked.
jsd the path to the jobstate file
rundir the rundir in the numbering scheme for the submit directories
pegasushome the root directory of the pegasus installation
vogroup the vo group to which the user belongs to. Defaults to pegasus
condor_log the full path to condor common log in the submit directory
notify the notify file that contains any notifications that need to be sent for the workflow.
dag the basename of the dag file created
type the type of executable workflow. Can be dag | shell

A Sample Braindump File is displayed below:

user vahi
grid_dn null
submit_hostname obelix
root_wf_uuid a4045eb6-317a-4710-9a73-96a745cb1fe8
wf_uuid a4045eb6-317a-4710-9a73-96a745cb1fe8
dax /data/scratch/vahi/examples/synthetic-scec/Test.dax
dax_label Stampede-Test
dax_index 0
dax_version 3.3
pegasus_wf_name Stampede-Test-0
timestamp 20110726T153746-0700
basedir /data/scratch/vahi/examples/synthetic-scec/dags
submit_dir /data/scratch/vahi/examples/synthetic-scec/dags/vahi/pegasus/Stampede-Test/run0005
properties pegasus.6923599674234553065.properties
planner /data/scratch/vahi/software/install/pegasus/default/bin/pegasus-plan
planner_version 3.1.0cvs
pegasus_build 20110726221240Z
planner_arguments "--conf ./conf/properties --dax Test.dax --sites local --output local --dir dags --force --submit "
jsd jobstate.log
rundir run0005
pegasushome /data/scratch/vahi/software/install/pegasus/default
vogroup pegasus
condor_log Stampede-Test-0.log
notify Stampede-Test-0.notify
dag Stampede-Test-0.dag
type dag