The preferred generic way to cite Pegasus is:
  • [PDF] [DOI] E. Deelman, K. Vahi, G. Juve, M. Rynge, S. Callaghan, P. J. Maechling, R. Mayani, W. Chen, R. Ferreira da Silva, M. Livny, and K. Wenger, “Pegasus: a Workflow Management System for Science Automation,” Future Generation Computer Systems, vol. 46, p. 17–35, 2015.
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A suggested statement to acknowledge Pegasus in the acknowledgements section:

Pegasus is funded by The National Science Foundation under OAC SI2-SSI program, grant #1664162. Previously, NSF has funded Pegasus under OCI SDCI program grant #0722019 and OCI SI2-SSI program grant #1148515.