Chapter 17. Command Line Tools

pegasus-analyzer — debugs a workflow.
pegasus-aws-batch — a client to run tasks on Amazon AWS Batch.
pegasus-cluster — run a list of applications
pegasus-configure-glite — install Pegasus-specific glite configuration
pegasus-config — Can be used to find installed Pegasus tools and libraries.
pegasus-dagman — Wrapper around *condor_dagman*. Not to be run by user.
pegasus-dax-validator — determines if a given DAX file is valid.
pegasus-db-admin — Manage Pegasus databases.
pegasus-em — Submit and monitor ensembles of workflows
pegasus-exitcode — Used post-job to check the stdout/stderr for errors
pegasus-globus-online-init — Initializes OAuth tokens for Globus Online authentication.
pegasus-globus-online — Interfaces with Globus Online for managed transfers.
pegasus-graphviz — Convert a DAX or DAG into a graphviz dot file
pegasus-gridftp — Perform file and directory operations on remote GridFTP servers
pegasus-halt — stops a workflow gracefully, current jobs will finish
pegasus-init — create a new workflow configuration
pegasus-integrity — Generates and verifies data integrity with checksums
pegasus-invoke — invokes a command from a file
pegasus-keg — kanonical executable for grids
pegasus-kickstart — remote job wrapper
pegasus-metadata — Query metadata collected for Pegasus workflows
pegasus-monitord — tracks a workflow progress, mining information
pegasus-mpi-cluster — Enables running DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graphs) on clusters using MPI.
pegasus-mpi-keg — MPI version of KEG
pegasus-plan — runs Pegasus to generate the executable workflow
pegasus-plots — A tool to generate graphs and charts to visualize workflow run.
pegasus-rc-client — shell client for replica implementations
pegasus-remove — removes a workflow that has been planned and submitted using pegasus-plan and pegasus-run
pegasus-run — executes a workflow that has been planned using *pegasus-plan*.
pegasus-s3 — Upload, download, delete objects in Amazon S3
pegasus-sc-converter — A client to convert site catalog from one format to another format.
pegasus-service — Runs the Pegasus Service server
pegasus-statistics — A tool to generate statistics about the workflow run.
pegasus-status — Pegasus workflow- and run-time status
pegasus-submit-dag — Wrapper around *condor_submit_dag*. Not to be run by user.
pegasus-submitdir — Manage a workflow submit directory.
pegasus-tc-client — A full featured generic client to handle adds, deletes and queries to the Transformation Catalog (TC).
pegasus-tc-converter — A client to convert transformation catalog from one format to another format.
pegasus-transfer — Handles data transfers for Pegasus workflows.
pegasus-version — print or match the version of the toolkit.