Chapter 13. Configuration

Pegasus has configuration options to configure

  1. the behavior of an individual job via profiles

  2. the behavior of the whole system via properties

For job level configuration ( such as what environment a job is set with ), the Pegasus Workflow Mapper uses the concept of profiles. Profiles encapsulate configurations for various aspects of dealing with the Grid infrastructure. They provide an abstract yet uniform interface to specify configuration options for various layers from planner/mapper behavior to remote environment settings. At various stages during the mapping process, profiles may be added associated with the job. The system supports five diffferent namespaces, with each namespace refers to a different aspect of a job's runtime settings. A profile's representation in the executable workflow (e.g. the Condor submit files) depends on its namespace. Pegasus supports the following Namespaces for profiles:

  • env permits remote environment variables to be set.

  • globus sets Globus RSL parameters.

  • condor sets Condor configuration parameters for the submit file.

  • dagman introduces Condor DAGMan configuration parameters.

  • pegasus configures the behaviour of various planner/mapper components.

  • hints allows to override site selection behavior of the planner. Can be specified only in the DAX.

Properties are primarily used to configure the behavior of the Pegasus WMS system at a global level. The properties file is actually a java properties file and follows the same conventions as that to specify the properties.

This chapter describes various types of profiles and properties, levels of priorities for intersecting profiles, and how to specify profiles in different contexts.

13.1. Differences between Profiles and Properties

The main difference between properties and profiles is that profiles eventually get associated at a per job level in the workflow. On the other hand, properties are a way of configuring and controlling the behavior of the whole system. While all profiles can be specified in the properties file, not all properties can be used as profiles. This section lists out the properties supported by Pegasus and if any can be used as a profile, it is clearly indicated.