3.3. Environment

To use Pegasus, you need to have the pegasus-* tools in your PATH. If you have installed Pegasus from RPM/DEB packages. the tools will be in the default PATH, in /usr/bin. If you have installed Pegasus from binary tarballs or source, add the bin/ directory to your PATH.

Example for bourne shells:

    $ export PATH=/some/install/pegasus-4.8/bin:$PATH


Pegasus 4.x is different from previous versions of Pegasus in that it does not require PEGASUS_HOME to be set or sourcing of any environment setup scripts.

If you want to use the DAX APIs, you might also need to set your PYTHONPATH, PERL5LIB, or CLASSPATH. The right setting can be found by using pegasus-config:

$ export PYTHONPATH=`pegasus-config --python`
$ export PERL5LIB=`pegasus-config --perl`
$ export CLASSPATH=`pegasus-config --classpath`