Chapter 7. Execution Environments

Pegasus supports a number of execution environments. An execution environment is a setup where jobs from a workflow are running.

7.1. Localhost

In this configuration, Pegasus schedules the jobs to run locally on the submit host. Running locally is a good approach for smaller workflows, testing workflows, and for demonstations such as the Pegasus tutorial. Pegasus supports two methods of local execution: local HTCondor pool, and shell planner. The former is preferred as the latter does not support all Pegasus' features (such as notifications).

Running on a local HTCondor pool is achieved by executing the workflow on site local (--sites local option to pegasus-plan). The site "local" is a reserved site in Pegasus and results in the jobs to run on the submit host in HTCondor universe local. The site catalog can be left very simple in this case:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<sitecatalog xmlns=""

    <site  handle="local" arch="x86_64" os="LINUX">
        <directory type="shared-scratch" path="/tmp/wf/work">
            <file-server operation="all" url="file:///tmp/wf/work"/>
        <directory type="local-storage" path="/tmp/wf/storage">
            <file-server operation="all" url="file:///tmp/wf/storage"/>


The simplest execution environment does not involve HTCondor. Pegasus is capable of planning small workflows for local execution using a shell planner. Please refer to the share/pegasus/examples directory in your Pegasus installation, the shell planner's documentation section, or the tutorials, for details.