14.3. Kickstart XML Record

Kickstart is a light weight C executable that is shipped with the pegasus worker package. All jobs are launced via Kickstart on the remote end, unless explicitly disabled at the time of running pegasus-plan.

Kickstart does not work with:

  1. Condor Standard Universe Jobs

  2. MPI Jobs

Pegasus automatically disables kickstart for the above jobs.

Kickstart captures useful runtime provenance information about the job launched by it on the remote note, and puts in an XML record that it writes to its own stdout. The stdout appears in the workflow submit directory as <job>.out.00n . The following information is captured by kickstart and logged:

  1. The exitcode with which the job it launched exited.

  2. The duration of the job

  3. The start time for the job

  4. The node on which the job ran

  5. The stdout and stderr of the job

  6. The arguments with which it launched the job

  7. The environment that was set for the job before it was launched.

  8. The machine information about the node that the job ran on

Amongst the above information, the dagman.out file gives a coarser grained estimate of the job duration and start time.

14.3.1. Reading a Kickstart Output File

The kickstart file below has the following fields highlighted:

  1. The host on which the job executed and the ipaddress of that host

  2. The duration and start time of the job. The time here is in reference to the clock on the remote node where the job is executed.

  3. The exitcode with which the job executed

  4. The arguments with which the job was launched.

  5. The directory in which the job executed on the remote site

  6. The stdout of the job

  7. The stderr of the job

  8. The environment of the job

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<invocation xmlns="http://pegasus.isi.edu/schema/invocation" \
      xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" \
       xsi:schemaLocation="http://pegasus.isi.edu/schema/invocation http://pegasus.isi.edu/schema/iv-2.0.xsd" \
       version="2.0" start="2009-01-30T19:17:41.157-06:00" duration="0.321" transformation="pegasus::dirmanager"\
      derivation="pegasus::dirmanager:1.0" resource="cobalt" wf-label="scb" \
      wf-stamp="2009-01-30T17:12:55-08:00" hostaddr="" hostname="co-login.ncsa.uiuc.edu"\
      pid="27714" uid="29548" user="vahi" gid="13872" group="bvr" umask="0022">

<mainjob start="2009-01-30T19:17:41.426-06:00" duration="0.052" pid="27783">

<usage utime="0.036" stime="0.004" minflt="739" majflt="0" nswap="0" nsignals="0" nvcsw="36" nivcsw="3"/>

<status raw="0"><regular exitcode="0"/></status>

<statcall error="0">
<!-- deferred flag: 0 -->
<file name="/u/ac/vahi/SOFTWARE/pegasus/default/bin/dirmanager">23212F7573722F62696E2F656E762070</file>
<statinfo mode="0100755" size="8202" inode="85904615883" nlink="1" blksize="16384" \
    blocks="24" mtime="2008-09-22T18:52:37-05:00" atime="2009-01-30T14:54:18-06:00" \
    ctime="2009-01-13T19:09:47-06:00" uid="29548" user="vahi" gid="13872" group="bvr"/>

<arg nr="1">--create</arg>
<arg nr="2">--dir</arg>
<arg nr="3">/u/ac/vahi/globus-test/EXEC/vahi/pegasus/scb/run0001</arg>



<usage utime="0.012" stime="0.208" minflt="4232" majflt="0" nswap="0" nsignals="0" nvcsw="15" nivcsw="74"/>
<machine page-size="16384" provider="LINUX">
<uname system="linux" nodename="co-login" release="" machine="ia64">#1 SMP Mon Jan 21\
         13:29:51 UTC 2008</uname>
<ram total="148299268096" free="123371929600" shared="0" buffer="2801664"/>
<swap total="1179656486912" free="1179656486912"/>
<boot idle="1315786.920">2009-01-15T10:19:50.283-06:00</boot>
<cpu count="32" speed="1600" vendor=""></cpu>
<load min1="3.50" min5="3.50" min15="2.60"/>
<proc total="841" running="5" sleeping="828" stopped="5" vmsize="10025418752" rss="2524299264"/>
<task total="1125" running="6" sleeping="1114" stopped="5"/>
<statcall error="0" id="stdin">
<!-- deferred flag: 0 -->
<file name="/dev/null"/>
<statinfo mode="020666" size="0" inode="68697" nlink="1" blksize="16384" blocks="0" \
     mtime="2007-05-04T05:54:02-05:00" atime="2007-05-04T05:54:02-05:00" \
   ctime="2009-01-15T10:21:54-06:00" uid="0" user="root" gid="0" group="root"/>

<statcall error="0" id="stdout">
<temporary name="/tmp/gs.out.s9rTJL" descriptor="3"/>
<statinfo mode="0100600" size="29" inode="203420686" nlink="1" blksize="16384" blocks="128" \
 mtime="2009-01-30T19:17:41-06:00" atime="2009-01-30T19:17:41-06:00"\
 ctime="2009-01-30T19:17:41-06:00" uid="29548" user="vahi" gid="13872" group="bvr"/>
<data>mkdir finished successfully.
<statcall error="0" id="stderr">
<temporary name="/tmp/gs.err.kobn3S" descriptor="5"/>
<statinfo mode="0100600" size="0" inode="203420689" nlink="1" blksize="16384" blocks="0" \
 mtime="2009-01-30T19:17:41-06:00" atime="2009-01-30T19:17:41-06:00" \
ctime="2009-01-30T19:17:41-06:00" uid="29548" user="vahi" gid="13872" group="bvr"/>

<statcall error="0" id="gridstart">
<!-- deferred flag: 0 -->
<file name="/u/ac/vahi/SOFTWARE/pegasus/default/bin/kickstart">7F454C46020101000000000000000000</file>
<statinfo mode="0100755" size="255445" inode="85904615876" nlink="1" blksize="16384" blocks="504" \
  mtime="2009-01-30T18:06:28-06:00" atime="2009-01-30T19:17:41-06:00"\
 ctime="2009-01-30T18:06:28-06:00" uid="29548" user="vahi" gid="13872" group="bvr"/>
<statcall error="0" id="logfile">
<descriptor number="1"/>
<statinfo mode="0100600" size="0" inode="53040253" nlink="1" blksize="16384" blocks="0" \
 mtime="2009-01-30T19:17:39-06:00" atime="2009-01-30T19:17:39-06:00" \
ctime="2009-01-30T19:17:39-06:00" uid="29548" user="vahi" gid="13872" group="bvr"/>
<statcall error="0" id="channel">
<fifo name="/tmp/gs.app.Ien1m0" descriptor="7" count="0" rsize="0" wsize="0"/>
<statinfo mode="010640" size="0" inode="203420696" nlink="1" blksize="16384" blocks="0" \
  mtime="2009-01-30T19:17:41-06:00" atime="2009-01-30T19:17:41-06:00" \
ctime="2009-01-30T19:17:41-06:00" uid="29548" user="vahi" gid="13872" group="bvr"/>

<env key="GLOBUS_GRAM_JOB_CONTACT">https://co-login.ncsa.uiuc.edu:50001/27456/1233364659/</env>
<env key="GLOBUS_GRAM_MYJOB_CONTACT">URLx-nexus://co-login.ncsa.uiuc.edu:50002/</env>
<env key="GLOBUS_LOCATION">/usr/local/prews-gram-4.0.7-r1/</env>

<soft id="RLIMIT_CPU">unlimited</soft>
<hard id="RLIMIT_CPU">unlimited</hard>
<soft id="RLIMIT_FSIZE">unlimited</soft>