3.7. Mac OS X

The easiest way to install Pegasus on Mac OS is to use Homebrew. You will need to install XCode and the XCode command-line tools, as well as Homebrew. Then you just need to tap the Pegasus tools repository and install Pegasus and HTCondor like this:

$ brew tap pegasus-isi/tools
$ brew install pegasus htcondor

Once the installation is complete, you need to start the HTCondor service. The easiest way to do that is to use the Homebrew services tap:

$ brew tap homebrew/services
$ brew services list
$ brew services start htcondor

You can also stop HTCondor like this:

$ brew services stop htcondor

And you can uninstall Pegasus and HTCondor using brew rm like this:

$ brew rm pegasus htcondor


It is also possible to install the latest development versions of Pegasus using the --devel and --HEAD arguments to brew install, like this: $ brew install --devel pegasus