9.5. Notifications Example

A new feature in Pegasus 3.1. is notifications. While the workflow is running, a monitoring tool is running side by side to the workflow, and issues user defined notifications when certain events takes place, such as job completion or failure. See notifications section for detailed information. A workflow example with notifications can be found under examples/notifications. This workflow is based on the Black Diamond, with the changes being notifications added to the DAX generator. For example, notifications are added at the workflow level:

# Create a abstract dag
diamond = ADAG("diamond")
# dax level notifications
diamond.invoke('all', os.getcwd() + "/my-notify.sh")

The DAX generator also contains job level notifications:

# job level notifications - in this case for at_end events
frr.invoke('at_end', os.getcwd() + "/my-notify.sh")

These invoke lines specify that the my-notify.sh script will be invoked for events generated (all in the first case, at_end in the second). The my-notify.sh script contains callouts sample notification tools shipped with Pegasus, one for email and for Jabber/GTalk (commented out by default):


# Pegasus ships with a couple of basic notification tools. Below
# we show how to notify via email and gtalk.

# all notifications will be sent to email
# change $USER to your full email addess
$PEGASUS_HOME/libexec/notification/email -t $USER

# this sends notifications about failed jobs to gtalk.
# note that you can also set which events to trigger on in your DAX.
# set jabberid to your gmail address, and put in yout
# password
# uncomment to enable
if [ "x$PEGASUS_STATUS" != "x" -a "$PEGASUS_STATUS" != "0" ]; then
    $PEGASUS_HOME/libexec/notification/jabber --jabberid FIXME@gmail.com \
                                              --password FIXME \
                                              --host talk.google.com