2.2. Getting Started

Easiest way to start the tutorial is to connect to a hosted service using SSH as shown below.

$ ssh tutorial@pegasus-tutorial.isi.edu
tutorial@pegasus-tutorial.isi.edu's password: pegasus123


The workflow dashboard is not run in the hosted service. To try out the workflow dashboard use the virtual machines provided below.


We have provided several virtual machines that contain all of the software required for this tutorial. Virtual machine images are provided for VirtualBox and Amazon EC2. Information about deploying the tutorial VM on these platforms is in the appendix. If you want to use the tutorial VM, please go to the appendix for the platform you are using and follow the instructions for starting the VM found there before continuing with this tutorial.

If you have already installed Pegasus and Condor on your own machine, then you don't need to use the VM for the tutorial. You can use the pegasus-init command to generate the example workflow in any directory on your machine. Just be aware that you will have to modify the paths referenced in this tutorial to match the directory where you generated the example workflow.

The remainder of this tutorial will assume that you have a terminal open with Pegasus on your PATH.