A.2. VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a free desktop virtual machine manager. You can use it to run the Pegasus Tutorial VM on your desktop or laptop.

A.2.1. Install VirtualBox

First, download and install the VirtualBox platform package from the VirtualBox website: https://www.virtualbox.org

A.2.2. Download VM Image

Next, download the Pegasus Tutorial VM from the Pegasus download page: http://pegasus.isi.edu/downloads

Move the downloaded file somewhere that you can find later.

A.2.3. Create Virtual Machine

Start VirtualBox. You should get a screen that looks like this:

Figure A.1. VirtualBox Welcome Screen

VirtualBox Welcome Screen

Click on File > Import Appliance, and Appliance Import Wizard will appear:

Figure A.2. Create New Virtual Machine Wizard

Create New Virtual Machine Wizard

Click the folder icon and locate the .ova file that you downloaded earlier.

Click "Continue" to get to the "Appliance Settings" Page:

Figure A.3. VM Name and OS Type

VM Name and OS Type

Click "Import". You will get back to the welcome screen showing the new virtual machine:

Figure A.4. Memory


Click on the name of the virual machine and then click "Start". After a few seconds you should get to the login screen:

Figure A.5. Login Screen

Login Screen

Log in as user "tutorial" with password "pegasus".

After you log in, Click the Terminal Icon, to open a Terminal. You can return to the tutorial chapter to complete the tutorial.

A.2.4. Terminating the VM

When you are done with the tutorial you can shut down the VM by typing:

$ sudo /sbin/poweroff

at the prompt and then enter the tutorial user's password.

Alternatively, you can just close the window and choose "Power off the machine".