Pegasus Timeline

September 5, 2017

Release 4.8.0

– Application Containers (Docker and Singularity)
– Jupyter Support (Python API)
– Tuning of Transfer and Cleanup jobs

Release Notes

February 6, 2017

Release 4.7.3

– Dashboard displays errors if a job is killed instead of exiting with non zero exitcode
– Dashboard displays database and Pegasus version
– Pegasus dashboard pie charts distinguishes between running and unsubmitted jobs

Release Notes

November 23, 2016

Pegasus 4.7.2

– Fixed bugs for pegasus-transfer and PegasusLite

Release Notes

November 7, 2016

Pegasus 4.7.1

– Capture the execution site information in pegasus-lite
– Added ability to check CVMFS for worker package

Release Notes

October 14, 2016

Pegasus 4.7.0

– Automated submit directory organization
– Improved directory management on staging site in nonsharedfs mode
R DAX API and examples with pegasus-init
pegasus-analyzer reports information about held jobs
– Automated check for cyclic dependencies in the DAG

Release Notes

August 18, 2016

Pegasus 4.6.2

– Support for kickstart wrappers that can setup a user environment
– Support for Cobalt and SLURM schedulers via the Glite interfaces
– Ability to do local copy of files in PegasusLite to staging site (if the compute and staging site are the same)
– Support for setting up Pegasus Tutorial on Bluewaters using pegasus-init

Release Notes

April 22, 2016

Pegasus 4.6.1

– Support for MOAB submissions via glite. A new tool called pegasus-configure-glite helps users setup their HTCondor GLite directory for use with Pegasus
pegasus-s3 now allows for downloading and uploading folders to and from Amazon S3
– Initial support for Globus Online in pegasus-transfer
Planner automatically copies the user catalog files into a directory called catalogs in the submit directory
– Changes to how worker package staging occurs for compute jobs

Release notes

January 27, 2016

Pegasus 4.6.0

– Metadata support
– Support for variable substitution
– Constraints based cleanup algorithm
– Common Pegasus profiles to specify task requirements
– New command line client pegasus-init to configure Pegasus, and pegasus-metadata to query workflow database for metadata
– Support for fallback PFN’s

Release Notes

January 27, 2016

Pegasus 4.5.4

– Planner reports information of options used in the planner
pegasus-submitdir provides undelete or attach/detach commands
pegasus-monitord parses new DAGMan output that reports timestamps from HTCondor user log
pegasus-analyzer now detects if a workflow failed to start because of DAGMan failure on NFS error setting, and also displays any errors in *.dag.lib.err file

Release Notes

November 4, 2015

Pegasus 4.5.3

– Separate input and output replica catalog
– Show DAX/DAG planning jobs in Failed/Succesfull/Running/Failing tabs in the dashboard
– Data reuse algorithm considers file locations while cascading deletion upwards

Release Notes

October 15, 2015

Pegasus 4.5.2

– File locations in the DAX treated as a Replica Catalog
– Pegasus auxillary tools now have support for iRods 4.x

Release Notes

May 5, 2015

Pegasus 4.5.0

Ensemble manager for managing collections of workflows
– Support for job checkpoint files
– Support for Google Cloud Storage
– Improvements to pegasus-dashboard
– Data management improvements
– New tools: pegasus-db-admin, pegasus-submitdir, pegasus-halt, and pegasus-graphviz

Release Notes

December 24, 2010

Release 3.0.1

– Updates to Pegasus VM Tutorial
– pegasus-plots improvements

November 29, 2010

Release 3.0

– New DAX Schema Version 3.2
– Shell Code Generator
– New tools called pegasus-statistics and pegasus-plots
– Support for GT5

August 24, 2010

Release 2.4.3

– New Implementation of Data Reuse Algorithm
– Workflow with NOOP Job is created when workflow is reduced fully

May 12, 2010

Release 2.4.2

– pegasus-status tracks workflows of workflows better now
– Improvements to pegasus-analyzer

March 28, 2010

Release 2.4.1

– Python tools to visualize the DAX and DAG
– New features to pegasus-analyzer

February 14, 2010

Release 2.4

– Support for Pegasus DAX 3.0
– Support for running workflows on EC2 using S3 for storage
– Support for Condor Glite

April 22, 2009

Release 2.3

– Python API for generating DAX and PDAX
– Regex Based Replica Selection
– Interface to Engage VO for OSG

January 11, 2009

Release 2.2

– Staging of worker package to remote sites
– Recursive DAX’es
– Executing workflows on Amazon EC2