Current Open Positions

Postdoctoral Scholar – Research Associate

We are looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher position at the intersection between Distributed Computing, Big Data and Machine Learning. The position is for one year, with the possibility of a renewal for 2 more years as part of the DOE funded project Poseidon that targets collection, analysis, and sharing of performance data about end-to-end scientific workflows. PosEiDon will provide an integrated platform consisting of algorithms, methods, tools, and services that help facility operators and scientists improve the overall end-to-end science workflow by (1) predicting the performance of complex workflows; (2) detecting and classifying infrastructure and workflow anomalies and “explaining” the sources of these anomalies; and (3) suggesting performance optimizations.

The ideal candidate would have strong system programming skills with experience in distributed computing and scientific computing.


Graduate Research Assistant

We are looking for GRAs to work on a variety of projects within our group.

Our Research Group

The SciTech group does research and development on software systems to help scientists manage large-scale computations. We work with scientists in domains ranging from genomics and proteomics to seismology and gravitational wave physics. We help scientists deploy their computations on some of the largest and fastest computing systems in the world. Our main project is the Pegasus Workflow Management system, which is used to orchestrate complex, large-scale data processing and computation pipelines. Pegasus compiles abstract, high-level workflow descriptions into efficient executable workflows that can be deployed on diverse cyberinfrastructure. In this process it expands and optimizes the workflow, adding data management tasks and performing task clustering, cleanup and other optimizations.

Some words about our Institution

The SciTech group is part of the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI). A unit of the University of Southern California’s highly ranked Viterbi School of Engineering, ISI is one of the nation’s largest, most successful university-affiliated computer research institutes. ISI researchers bridge the gap between theoretical basic research and product-oriented research and development. Its diverse expertise ranges from core engineering and computer science discovery to design, modeling and implementation of innovative prototypes and devices. A pacesetter for more than 40 years, ISI helped conceive, design and implement the Internet, including communications protocols that remain fundamental to Net operations such as TCP/IP, ICMP, DNS and SMTP. Today ISI’s research initiatives span a broad range of fields including: intelligent systems such as natural language processing, machine translation and information integration; informatics that include computer networks, medical informatics and decision systems; computational systems such as supercomputing approaches and biomimetics; and advanced electronics for space and other purposes.

ISI is located in beautiful, sunny Marina Del Rey, California. Our offices overlook and are just minutes from the beach.

Marina del Rey, CA – View from ISI (credits: Rafael Ferreira da Silva)