The following is a list of tutorials presented by the Pegasus team. If you are looking for a self-guided tutorial based on a virtual machine, please see tutorial section of the user guide.


Pegasus 5.0 Workflows 
 Karan Vahi, Ryan Tanaka @EScience 2021, September 2021.


EScience 2019: Pegasus Scientific Workflows with Containers
EScience 2019, September 26th, 2019. [Exercises] [Slides]
Pegasus Scientific Workflows at CC-IN2P3
 CC-IN2P3, June 2019. [Exercises] [Slides]
Pegasus Scientific Workflows with Containers at CHTC
HTCondor Week 2019, May 20th, 2019
Pegasus Scientific Workflows on TACC Wrangler
 Pegasus Tutorial @ TACC Wrangler, January 2019.


 Pegasus Scientific Workflows with Containers
 Pegasus Tutorial @ HPCS18, Orleans, France. July 2018.
Pegasus Workflows with Application Containers
CyVerse Container Camp, March 9, 2018.


  Pegasus Hands On Tutorial
HTCondor Week’17, Madison, USA, May 2017.


  Workflows on Bluewaters using Pegasus WMS
Workflows Workshop, Hosted by NCSA , August 9-10th 2016.
  Introduction to Scientific Workflow Technologies on XSEDE
XSEDE’16, Miami, USA, July 2016.
  Executing Computing Pipelines using Pegasus WMS
HTCondor Week’16, Madison, USA, May 2016.
  Scientific Workflows via The Pegasus Workflow Management System on the HPC Cluster
USC Health Science Campus, Los Angeles, USA, March 2016.


  Executing Computing Pipelines using Pegasus Workflow Management System
ACI-Ref Meeting, USC/ISI, Marina del Rey, USA, October 2015.
  Scientific Workflows through Pegasus WMS at UW Madison CHTC Clusters
HTCondor Week’15, Madison, USA, May 2015.
  Introduction to the Pegasus Workflow Management System
ORNL, Oak Ridge, USA, January 2015.


  Pegasus Workflows on USC HPCC
HPCC, USC , Los Angeles, USA, December 2014.


  Pegasus and Workflows Tutorial
USC/ISI, Marina Del Rey, USA, November 2013.
  Introduction to HTC on Amazon AWS
IPAC Caltech, Pasadena, USA, October 2013.
  Introduction to Scientific Workflows
XSEDE Campus Champions, USA, September 2013. (Webcast)
  Tutorial on Pegasus Workflows
Software Carpentry Workshop at USC main campus, Los Angeles, USA, September 2013.



  Pegasus WMS tutorial
Newport Beach, USA, June 2011.


  Pegasus WMS tutorial
e-Science Conference 2010, Brisbane, Australia, December 2010.


  Pegasus WMS tutorial
Teragrid Conference, Arlington, USA, June 2009.


  Pegasus WMS tutorial
e-Science Conference 2008, Indianapolis, USA, December 2008. [Webcast]
  Pegasus WMS tutorial
ISSGC, Hungary, July 2008.
  Pegasus WMS tutorial
Teragrid Conference, Las Vegas, USA, June 2008.
  Pegasus WMS tutorial
CCGrid, Lyon, France, May 2008.
  Pegasus WMS tutorial
HTCondor Week, Madison, USA, April 2008.
  Pegasus WMS tutorial
OSG Grid School, George Town University, Washington DC, USA, April 2008.
  Pegasus WMS tutorial
MardiGras Conference, Baton Rouge, USA, January 2008.


  Pegasus WMS tutorial and DAGMan
Teragrid Conference, Madison, USA, June 2007.


  Wings and Pegasus
USC Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, USA, November 2006.
  Pegasus WMS optimizations
Caltech, Pasadena, USA, August 2006.
  VDS Tutorial
Teragrid Conference, Indianapolis, USA, June 2006.



  VDS Tutorial
Supercomputing, Pittsburgh, USA, November 2004.
  Workflow Management and Virtual Data
GGF Summer School, Italy, July 2004.


SuperComputing, Phoenix, USA, November 2003.