Chat Room

We have a support chat room on HipChat. Pegasus team members are usually in the chat room between 8am and 5pm Pacific time in the US. When you log in HipChat may not show any other people in the room even though we are there (this is a known bug in HipChat). If you don’t get a response, then leave your email and we will try to respond that way.

Otherwise, please email our users list or

Please specify your Name & Email address.

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Mailing Lists

This list is the main support vehicle for Pegasus.

Messages about new releases and updates. Low traffic.

Report A Bug

You can report a bug by clicking on the “Report an Issue” tab on the right-hand side of this page, or you can submit it directly to our JIRA bug tracker.

Online Pegasus Office Hours

Pegasus team holds online Pegasus Office Hours every two months.

You can find more details here .

Other Support Avenues

Private support requests and bug reports can be emailed to Emails to this address go to a group of Pegasus team members.

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