Contributing to Pegasus

We welcome community contributions to the Pegasus source code, documentation, tutorials, and any other area where you might be able to help out. Please contact if you have any questions about how and where to make changes. Any improvements are appreciated, including bug fixes, typo corrections, new test cases, new examples, improved documentation, better error messages, etc.

Community members wishing to contribute code or documentation to the Pegasus project should fork the project on GitHub and submit a pull request through the GitHub web interface.

Source Code

The Pegasus source code is hosted on GitHub:

To check out the latest code from the repository type:

git clone

If you have a GitHub account with write access to the Pegasus repository you can type:

git clone

Development Builds

Development builds from Bamboo can be downloaded from the Pegasus downloads server. Look for the versions ending in “dev”.

Issue Tracking

JIRA is used to track bugs, feature requests, and development tasks. Our JIRA server now allows anyone to create an account, so please report any issues you find.

Mailing Lists

This mailing list is used to discuss Pegasus development. The volume of traffic is moderate.

This mailing list is used to report source code checkins and nightly test results for Pegasus. The volume of traffic is high.


The Pegasus Wiki is used for design and development documentation.