Pegasus 3.0.2 Released

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Release Notes for PEGASUS 3.0.2
This is a minor release, that fixes some bugs and has minor


1) New Pegasus Properties for pegasus-monitord daemon

   The pegasus-monitord daemon is launched by pegasus-run while
   submitting the workflow, and by default parses the condor logs for
   the workflows and populates them in a sqllite DB in the workflow
   submit directory. - A Boolean Property indicating whether to
   parse and generate log events or not.

   pegasus.monitord.output - This property can be used to specify the
   destination for generated log events in pegasus-monitord

2) Improvements to pegasus-monitord 

   pegasus-monitord now does batches evennts before popualating them
   in to the stampede backend.

3) New entries in braindump file
   The braindump file generated in the submit directory has two new

   The braindump file has two extra entries now

   properties - path to the properties file
   condor_log -  path to the condor log for the workflow

4) pegasus-transfer supports ftp transfers in unauthenticated mode.

1) Failure of rescue dags if submit directory on NFS.
   Pegasus creates a symlink in the submit directory to the condor log
   file for the workflow in /tmp . In case the workflow failed and the
   submit directory was on NFS, pegasus-run on rescue would take a
   backup of the symlink file in the submit directory. This resulted
   in the workflow failing on resubmission, as the condor log now
   pointed to a file in the submit directory that was on NFS.

   pegasus-submit-dag was fixed to copy the symlinked log while
   rotating instead of copying just the symlink.