Pegasus 4.0.1 Released

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This is a minor release, that fixes some bugs and has minor enhancements.
  1. pegasus lite local wrapper is now used for local universe jobs in shared fs mode also, if condor io is detected.
    Condor does not implement  remote_initialdir consistently across universes in Condor.  For vanilla universe Condor File IO does not  transfer the file to the remote_initialdir. The pegasus wrapper now takes care of it.
  2.  task summary queries were reimplemented
     The task summary queries ( that list the number of successful and  failed tasks )  in the Stampede Statisitcs API was
       reimplemented for better performance.
  3. pegasus-monitord sets PEGASUS_BIN_DIR while calling out notfication scripts .
    This ensures consistent environment for the notification scripts irrespective of how the workflow is submitted.
  4. The default notification script can send out emails to multiple recipients.
  5.  Support for new condor keys
     Pegasus allows users to specify the following condor keys as   profiles in the Condor namespace. The new keys have been introduced  in Condor 7.8.0
  6. Update on SQLAlchemy and pysqlite bundled with Pegasus
    The SQLAlchemy version bundled with Pegasus is now 0.7.6 .
    pysqlite is only built with Pegasus for RHEL 5 . For all the platforms Pegasus relies on sqlite version bundled with python installation.
Bugs Fixed:
  1. pegasus-kickstart does not collect procs and tasks statistics on kernels >= 3.0
    When kickstart is executed on a Linux kernel >= 3.0, logic in the   machine extensions prevented the proc statistics gathering, because   it was a reasonable assumption that the API might have changed . The API did not change from 3.0 to 3.2. Hence the proc statistics gathering has been enabled.
  2. scp transfer mode did not create remote directories
    When transferring to a scp endpoint, pegasus-transfer failed unless the remote directory already existed. This broke deep LFNs and   staging to output sites.  This is now fixed.
  3.  Incorrect resolution of PEGASUS_HOME path in the site catalog for remote sites  in some cases
     If a user specified a path to PEGASUS_HOME for remote sites in the  site catalog and the directory also existed on the submit machine,    the path was resolved locally. Hence if the local directory was a    symlink, the symlink was resolved and that path was used for the   remote site’s PEGASUS_HOME.
  4. pegasus-analyzer did not work correctly against the MySQL Stampede DB
    pegasus-analyzer had problems querying MySQL stampede database   because of a query aliasing error in the API underneath. This is   now fixed.
  5. Wrong timezone offsets for ISO timestamps
    Pegasus python library was generating the wrong time zone offset for ISO 8601 time stamps. This was because of an underlying bug in python where %z does not work correctly across all platforms.
  6. pegasus-analyzer warns about “exitcode not an integer!”
    pegasus-analyzer throwed a warning if a long value for an exitcode   was detected.
  7. Perl DAX generator uses ‘out’ instead of ‘output’ for stderr and stdout linkage
    The perl DAX generator API generated the wrong link attribute for stdout files. Instead of having link = output it generated link =  out.
  8. Updated Stampede Queries to handle both GRID_SUBMIT and GLOBUS_SUBMIT events.
     Two of the queries ( get_job_statistics and get_job_state ) were broken for CondorG workflows when operating against a MySQL database  backend. In that case,  both GRID_SUBMIT and GLOBUS_SUBMIT can be   logged for the jobs. In that case, some of the subqueries were   breaking against MySQL has MySQL has stricter checks on queries  returning a single value.
  9. Support for DAGMAN_COPY_TO_SPOOL Condor configuration parameter
    Condor has a setting DAGMAN_COPY_TO_SPOOL that if set to true results in Condor copying the DAGMan binary to the spool directory  before launching the workflow. In case of Pegasus, condor dagman is launched by a wrapper called pegasus-dagman. Because of this ,   pegasus dagman was copied to the condor spool directory before being launched in lieu of condor dagman binary.
    This is now fixed whereby pegasus-dagman will copy condor_dagman   binary to the submit directory for the workflow before launching   the workflow.
    More details at