Pegasus 4.3.1 Released

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We are happy to annouce the release of Pegasus 4.3.1. Pegasus 4.3.1 is a minor release, that has minor enhancements and fixes bugs to Pegasus 4.3.0 release.
  1. Support for Fixed Output Mapper
    Using this output mapper, users can specify  an externally accessible URL in the properties file, pointing to a directory where the output files needs to be transferred to. To use this mapper, set the following  properties Fixed  <url to the storage directory e.g. gsi>
Bugs Fixed:
  1. pegasus-analyzer does not detect jobs that are condor_rm’ed if no postscript is associated with the job
    By default, each job has a postscript associated that detects an empty job stdout and flags it as a failure. However, if a job is not asscociated with a postscript and a user/system condor_rm’s the job, the failure is not detected. This is now fixed, and a JOB_ABORTED event is logged in the stampede database, when a job is aborted.
  2. IRODS support in pegasus-transfer
    The IRODS support in pegasus-transfer was broken. This is now fixed.
  3. pegasus-kickstart compilation warnings for character encodings
    kickstart maintains a table to escape characters correctly for putting them in a XML document. The non-ascii characters in the table were latin1 not UTF-8. This caused a warning on newer versions of gcc, which could not be disabled across all platforms.  kickstart now writes out it;s output in UTF-8 encoding and the xml escaping was updated accordingly.
  4. Fix to URL handling in the planner
    Changed the regex in PegasusURL so that we can pass urls with just the hostnames specified. e.g Note: no trailing / . Before the fix, the planner was throwing an exception if a user specified an input URL with path names containing only one directory.
  5. planner had a rogue debug statement

    There was a rogue system.out statement in the planner output that led to a statement being logged for each job in the workflow.

  6. pegasus-statistics had 2.6 style code
    Pegasus is distributed as part of OSG software stack, and one of the supported platforms there is EL5 systems that come with Python 2.4. pegasus-statistics had some code that was compatible with 2.5. This is now fixed.