Pegasus Research Impact

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The Pegasus team has released a Research Impact project to conduct Data Science analysis on the publications citing or using the Pegasus software. In this project, we collect citation and authors data from Google Scholar, and conduct analyses on the number of citations (self-referenced and external references), the distribution of citation types (conferences, journal articles, etc.), authors location, among others.


Pegasus (est. 2001) has been widely adopted by the computational research community, and its performance and usage data have already demonstrated its ability to empower the scientists to seamlessly run their simulation or data analyses in distributed systems. In this project, we aim to provide empirical data to demonstrate on how the Pegasus software has contributed and impacted the research community.

These analyses will be conducted periodically (about every 3 months), and will aggregate information from all Pegasus publications (for the software), and the Pegasus project website. The first analysis collected data between 2005 and June 2016, and represent 1100+ citations for over 2400+ author worldwide.

View the Pegasus Research Impact project analysis