Pegasus 4.9.3 Released

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We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 4.9.3. Pegasus 4.9.3 is a minor bug fix release after Pegasus 4.9.2.

This release has support for Singularity Library as a source for pulling singularity containers, in lieu of Singularity HUB.  It also has support for non authenticated ftp to file transfers for pulling in input datasets.

The tutorial utility pegasus-init was updated to support to execute on Summit from a Kubernetes cluster at OLCF. The release also improvement to workflow monitoring events that can be sent to an AMQP endpoint, that in turn in can be used to populate ElasticSearch and build a dashboard in Grafana. More details can be found in the guide here.

New Features

  • [PM-1398] – include machine information in job_instance.composite event
  • [PM-1402] – pegasus-init to support summit as execution env for tutorial
  • [PM-1397] – Support ftp to file transfers in pegasus-transfer
  • [PM-1416] – add data collection setup instructions to docs under section Monitord, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch Example
  • [PM-1403] – Support POWER9 nodes in PMC
  • [PM-1404] – pegasus tutorial for summit from Kubernetes

Bugs Fixed

  • [PM-1346] – Pegasus job checkpointing is incompatible with condorio
  • [PM-1380] – Support for Singularity Library
  • [PM-1388] – PegasusLite cannot locate osname and version SLES 15
  • [PM-1389] – pegasus.cores causes issues on Summit
  • [PM-1395] – GLite LSF scripts don’t work as intended on OLCF’s DTNs
  • [PM-1405] – Is Pegasus supposed to build on 32-bit x86 (Debian i386 Stretch)?