Pegasus 5.0 Beta1 Released

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We are happy to announce the beta1 release of Pegasus 5.0.  Pegasus 5.0 will be a major release of pegasus and this beta version has most of the features and bug fixes that will be in 5.0. We invite our users to give it a try.

Since this is a beta release, it has to manually downloaded from the website . There, you can find  the various RPM/DEB packages and the binary tarballs.

If you are an existing user, please carefully follow these instructions to upgrade.

Highlights of the new Release

  1. Reworked Python API: This new API has been developed from the grounds up that in addition to generating the abstract workflow and all the catalogs, allows you to plan, submit, monitor, analyze and generate statistics of your workflow. To use this new Python API refer to the Moving From DAX3 to Pegasus.api.
  2. Adoption of YAML formats: With Pegasus 5.0, we are moving to adoption of YAML for representation of all major catalogs. In 5.0, the following are now represented in YAML
    • Abstract Workflow
    • Replica Catalog
    • Transformation Catalog
    • Site Catalog
    • Kickstart Provenance Records
  3. Python3 Support
    • All Pegasus tools are Python 3 compliant.
    • 5.0 release will require Python 3 on workflow submit node
    • Python PIP packages for workflow composition and monitoring
  4. Default data configuration
    • In Pegasus 5.0, the default data configuration has been changed to condorio . Uptil 4.9.x releases, the default configuration was sharedfs.
  5. Zero configuration required to submit to local HTCondor pool
  6. Data Management Improvements
    • New output replica catalog that registers outputs including file metadata such as size and checksums
    • Ability to do bypass staging of files at a per file, executable and container level
    • Improved support for hierarchal workflows allow you to create data dependencies between sub workflow jobs and compute jobs
    • Support for integrity checking of user executables and application containers in addition to data
  7. Revamped Documentation
    • The documentation has been moved to readthedocs style documentation using restructured text. The documentation can be found here


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