ACCESS Pegasus – Hosted workflow environment

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Pegasus is now part of the ACCESS support strategy, including a hosted Pegasus environment for all ACCESS users.

On September 1st, the XSEDE project transitioned to ACCESS. Support under this new project will be provided in a tiered manner, with the lower tiers providing easy to use self-serve tooling. Pegasus is one of these tools, enabling ACCESS users to run high throughput workloads across multiple ACCESS resources. Please see:

The hosted environment includes a dedicated OpenOndemand web interface, Jupyter notebooks for workflow creation and management, and HTCondor Annex to easily submit pilot jobs to ACCESS resources.

Figure 1: The HTCondor pool is created as an overlay across one or more ACCESS resource providers

If you already have an ACCESS allocation, or looking for a hosted environment for your next computation endeavor, please consider using this new service. The Pegasus team will be more than happy to help you get started.

To try out example Pegasus workflows on ACCESS resources, checkout the README for the GitHub repository