Pegasus 5.0.6 Released

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We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 5.0.6, which is a minor bug fix release for Pegasus 5.0 branch.

The release can be downloaded from

JIRA items

Exhaustive list of features, improvements and bug fixes can be found below. Pegasus JIRA is accessible at

New Features and Improvements

  • [PM-1907]  Improve stash integration to be osdf:// aware
  • [PM-1910]  Handle dagman no longer inheriting user environment for the dagman job
  • [PM-1911]  Add support for Arm 64 architecture (aarch64)
  • [PM-1917]  Enable host-wide metrics collection

Bugs Fixed

  • [PM-1905]  File dependencies between sub workflow and compute jobs broken
  • [PM-1906]  Planner container mount point parsing breaks on . in the dir name
  • [PM-1909]  request_disk is incorrectly set to MBs instead of KBs
  • [PM-1913]  +DAGNodeRetry for attrib=value assigment breaks on HTondor 10.0.x when direct submission is disabled
  • [PM-1916]  Data management between parent compute job and a sub workflow job broken
  • [PM-1918]  Inplace cleanup broken when a sub workflow job and a parent compute job has a data dependency