Introduction to Scientific Workflows – XSEDE Campus Champions presentation

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The recording was made 9/20/13 during a special Introduction to Scientific Workflows presentation for the XSEDE Campus Champions.

Abstract: In this follow up to the overview presentation that introduced the ECSS Workflow Community Applications Team, the team will focus on workflow technologies themselves. They will first introduce scientific workflows through examples in different scientific domains, considering both their common features and their differences. They will next survey several workflow toolkits, summarizing their capabilities and the types of problems where they have been applied. They will then examine two workflow toolkits (Pegasus and Apache Airavata) in greater detail, illustrating their capabilities through their application to earthquake science and astrophysics, respectively. The goal is for attendees to identify and understand different types of scientific workflows, to have an overview of different tools that are available, and to learn how to engage different workflow development communities.