Pegasus 4.4.1 Released

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We are happy to annouce the release of Pegasus 4.4.1. Pegasus 4.4.1 is a minor release, which contains minor enhancements and fixes bugs to Pegasus 4.4.0 release. 
  1. Leaf cleanup job failures don’t trigger workflow failures
  2. Finer grained capturing of GridFTP errors
    Moved to only ignore common failures of GridFTP removals, instead of ignoring all errors
  3. pegasus-transfer threading enhancements

    Allow two retries with threading before falling back on single-threaded transfers. This prevents pegasus-transfer from overwhelming remote file servers when failures happen.

  4. Support for MPI Jobs when submitting using Glite to PBS
    For user specified MPI jobs in the DAX, the only way to ensure that the MPI job launches in the right directory through GLITE and blahp is to have a wrapper around the user mpi job and refer to that in the transformation catalog. The wrapper should cd in to the directory set by Pegasus in the job’s environment. The following environment variable is set _PEGASUS_SCRATCH_DIR
  5. Updated quoting support for glite jobs

    Quoting in the blahp layer in Condor for glite jobs is broken. There were fixes made to the planner and files such that env. var values can contain spaces or double quotes.

    The fix relies on users to put the from the pegasus distribution to the condor glite bin directory. More details at
  6. pegasus-s3 now has support for copying objects larger than 5GB
  7. pegasus-tc-converter code was cleaned up . support for database backed TC was dropped.
  8. The planner now complaisn for deep LFN’s when using condor file transfers
  9. The planner stack trace is enabled for errors with a single -v ( i.e INFO messagae level or higher)
    More details at
Bugs Fixed:
  1. Change in  how monitord parses job output and error files
    Earlier pegasus-monitord had a race condition, at it tried to parse the .out and .err file when a JOB_FAILURE or JOB_SUCCESS happened, instead of doing it at POST_SCRIPT_SUCCESS or POST_SCRIPT_FAILURE message, if a postscript was associated . This resulted in it detecting empty kickstart output files, as postscript might have moved it before monitord opened a file handle to it. The fix for this , changed the monitord logic to parse files on JOB_FAILURE  or JOB_SUCCESS only if postscript is not associated with the job

    More details at

  2. pegasus-monitord did not handle aborted jobs well
    For aborted jobs that failed with signal,  monitord did not parse the  job status . Because of that no corresponding JOB_FAILURE was recorded, and hence the exitcode for the inv.end event is not recorded.

  3. A set of portability fixes from the Debian packaging were incorporated into pegasus builds.
  4. Clusters of size 1 should be allowed when using PMC
    An earlier fix for 4.4.0 allowed single jobs to be clustered using PMC. However, this resulted in regular MPI jobs that should not be clustered, to be clustered also using PMC. The logic was updated to only wrap a single job with PMC if label based clustering is turned on and the job is associated with a label.
  5. Round robin site selector did not do correct distribution
    The selector was not distributing the jobs round robin at each level as it was suppposed to. More details at
  6. Based on user configuration, the leaf cleanup jobs tried to delete the submit directory for the workflow

    A user can configure a workflow such that the workflow submit directory and the workflow scratch directory are the same on local site. This can result in stuck workflows if the leaf cleanup jobs are enabled. The planner now throws an error during planning if it detects the directories are the same

  7. pegasus-cleanup needs to add wildcards to s3:// URLs when –recursive is used
  8. leaf cleanup jobs delete directory that a workflow corresponding to dax job may require
    For hierarchical workflows, there maybe a case where the jobs that make up the workflow referred to by the subdax job may run in a child directory of the scratch directory in whcih jobs of top level worklfow are running. With leaf cleanup enabled, the parent scratch directory maybe cleaned before the subdax job has been completed. Fix for this involved, putting in explicit dependencies between the leaf cleanup job and the subdax jobs.
  9. pegasus-analyzer did not show planner prescript log for failed subdax jobs

    For prescript failures for sub dax jobs ( i.e the failure of planning operation on the sub workflow ), pegasus-analyzer never showed the content of the log. It only pointed to the location of the log in the submit directory. This is now fixed.

  10. pegasus-analyzer shows job stderr for failed pegasus-lite jobs
    When a Pegasus Lite job fails, pegasus-analyzer showed stderr from both the Kickstart record and the job stderr. This was pretty confusing as stderr for those jobs are used to log all kinds of PegasusLite stuff, and has usually nothing to do with the failure. To make these jobs easier to debug for our users, we added logic to only show the Kickstart stderr in these cases.
  11. Planner did not validate value.
    AS a result, because of a typo in the properties file planner failed with NPE.
    More details at
  12. pegasus-statistics output padding
    Value padding is done only for text output files so they are human readable. However, due to a bug the value padding computation were being done for CSV file as well at one point in code. This caused an exception when output filetype for job statistics was csv