OSG Software Carpentry Workshop at University of Nebraska, Lincoln

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Last week, UNL HCC and OSG User Support hosted a OSG Software Carpentry workshop at University of Nebraska, Lincoln. The workshop material included Python, Git, distributed high throughput computing, and of course Pegasus! The material for the workshop can be found at: http://swc-osg-workshop.github.io/2016-01-06-UNL/

Even though the Pegasus module is only 30 minutes long, it finishes up a full day of distributed high throughput computing, and if you already have access to UNL HCC resources, you should be able to walk through the module on your own. The module should also work on OSG Connect systems, which is available to any researcher conducting public research in the US. Please contact user-support@opensciencegrid.org if you are interested in access and running Pegasus on OSG.