Pegasus 4.5.3 released

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We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 4.5.3. Pegasus 4.5.3 is a minor release, which contains minor enhancements and fixes bugs in the Pegasus 4.5.2 release.

The following issues were addressed and more information can be found in the Pegasus Jira (

Bug Fixes:

  • [PM-980] – pegasus-plots fails with “-p all”
  • [PM-982] – MRC replica catalog backend does not work
  • [PM-987] – noop jobs created by Pegasus don’t use DAGMan NOOP keyword
  • [PM-996] – Pegasus Statistics transformation stats columns getting larger ad larger with more sub workflows
  • [PM-997] – pyOpenSSL v0.13 does not work with new version of openssl (1.0.2d) and El Captain


  • [PM-976] – ignore register and transfer flags for input files
  • [PM-981] – register only based names for output files with deep LFN’s
  • [PM-983] – data reuse algorithm should consider file locations while cascading deletion upwards
  • [PM-984] – condor_rm on a pegasus-kickstart wrapped job does not return stdout back
  • [PM-988] – pegasus-transfer should handle file://localhost/ URL’s
  • [PM-989] – pegasus-analyzer debug job option should have a hard check for output files
  • [PM-993] – Show dax/dag planning jobs in failed/succesfull/running/failing tabs in dashboard
  • [PM-1000] – turn off concurrency limits by default

New Features:

  • [PM-985] – separate input and output replica catalog
  • [PM-986] – input-dir option to pegasus-plan should be a comma separated list