Pegasus 4.6.2 Release

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We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 4.6.2.  Pegasus 4.6.2 is a minor release of Pegasus and includes improvements and bug fixes to the 4.6.1 release
New features and Improvements in 4.6.2 are
  • support for kickstart wrappers that can setup a user environment
  • support for Cobalt and SLURM schedulers via the Glite interfaces
  • ability to do local copy of files in PegasusLite to staging site, if the compute and staging site is same
  • support for setting up Pegasus Tutorial on Bluewaters using pegasus-init

New Feature

  • [PM-1095] – pegasus-service init script
  • [PM-1101] – Add support for gsiscp transfers
    •  These will work like the scp ones, but with x509 auth instead of ssh public keys.
  • [PM-1110] – put in support for cobalt scheduler at ALCF
    • Pegasus was updated to use the HTCondor Blahp support. ALCF has a cobalt scheduler to schedule jobs to the BlueGene system. The documentation has details on how the pegasus task requirement profiles map to Cobalt parameters. .
    • To use HTCondor on Mira, please contact the HTCondor team to point you to the latest supported HTCondor installation on the system.
  • [PM-1096] – Update Pegasus’ glite support to include SLURM
  • [PM-1115] – Pegasus to check for cyclic dependencies in the DAG
    • Pegasus now checks for cyclic dependencies that may exist in the DAX or are as a result of adding edges automatically based on data depedencies
  • [PM-1116] – pass task resource requirements as environment variables for job wrappers to pick up
    • The task resource requirements are also passed as environment variables for the jobs in the GLITE style. This ensures that job wrappers can pick up task requirement profiles as environment variables.


  • [PM-1078] – pegasus-statistics should take comma separated list of values for -s option
  • [PM-1105] – Mirror job priorities to DAGMan node priorities
    • The job priorities associated with jobs in the workflow are now also associated as DAGMan node priorities, provided that HTCondor version is 8.5.7 or higher.
  • [PM-1108] – Ability to do local copy of files in PegasusLite to staging site, if the compute and staging site is same
    •  The optimization implemented is implemented in the Planner’s pegasus lite generation code, where when constructing the destination URL’s for the output site it checks for
      a) symlinking is turned on
      b) compute site for the job and staging site for job are same.
      This means that the shared-scratch directory used on the staging site is locally accessible to the compute nodes. So we can go directly via the filesystem to copy the file. So instead of creating a gsiftp url , will create a file url in pegasuslite wrappers for the jobs running on local site.
  • [PM-1112] – enable variable expansion for regex based replica catalog
    • Variable expansion for Regex based replica catalogs was not supported earlier. This is fixed now.
  • [PM-1117] – Support for tutorial via pegasus-init on Bluewaters
    • pegasus-init was updated to support running tutorial examples on Bluewaters. To use this, users need to logon to the bleaters login node and run pegasus-init. The assumption is that HTCondor is running on the login node either in user space or root.
  • [PM-1111] – pegasus planner and api’s should have support for ppc64 as architecture type

Bugs Fixed

  • [PM-1087] – dashboard and pegasus-metadata don’t query for sub workflows
  • [PM-1089] – connect_by_submitdir should seek for braindump.txt in the workflow root folder
  • [PM-1093] – disconnect in site catalog and DAX schema for specifying OSType
  • [PM-1099] – x509 credentials should be transferred using x509userproxy
  • [PM-1100] – Typo in rsquot, ldquot and rdquot
  • [PM-1106] – pegasus-init should not allow (or should handle) spaces in site name
  • [PM-1107] – pegasuslite signal handler race condition
  • [PM-1113] – make planner directory options behavior more consistent