Pegasus 4.7.0 Released

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pegasus-47We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 4.7.0.  Pegasus 4.7.0 is a major release of Pegasus and includes all the bug fixes and improvements in the 4.6.2 release.
New features and Improvements in 4.7.0 include:
  • Automatic submit directory organization
  • Improved directory management on staging site in nonsharedfs mode
  • pegasus-analyzer reports information about held jobs
  • Check for cyclic dependencies in DAG


New Features

  1. [PM-833] – Pegasus should organize submit files of workflows in hierarchal data structure
    • Pegasus now automatically distributes the files in HTCondor submit directory for all workflows in 2 level directory structure. This is done to prevent having too many workflow and condor submit files in one directory for a large workflow.  The behavior of submit directory organization can be controlled by the following properties
      • pegasus.dir.submit.mapper.hashed.levels         the number of directory levels used to accomodate the files. Defaults to 2. pegasus.dir.submit.mapper.hashed.multiplier      the number of files associated with a job in the submit directory. defaults to 5.
    • Note that this is enabled by default.  If you want to have pre 4.7.0 behavior you can
      • pegasus.dir.submit.mapper Flat
    • Submit mapper properties are documented in the user guide here
  2. [PM-833] – Pegasus should manage directory structure on the staging site
    For non sharedfs mode, Pegasus will now automatically manage the directory structure on the staging site in a hierarchal directory structure via use of staging mappers. The staging mappers determine what sub directory on the staging site a job will be associated with. Before, the introduction of staging mappers, all files associated with the jobs scheduled for a particular site landed in the same directory on the staging site. As a result, for large workflows this could degrade filesystem performance on the staging servers. More information can be found in the documentation at
  3. [PM-1036] – R DAX API
    Pegasus now includes an R API for generating DAXes of complex and large workflows in R environments. The API follows the Google’ R style guide, and all objects and methods are defined using the S3OOP system. The source package can be obtained by running pegasus-config --r or from the Pegasus’ downloads page. A tutorial workflow can be generated using pegasus-init, and an example workflow is provided in the examples folder. More information can be found in the documentation at

    Related JIRA item: [PM-1074] – Add R example to pegasus-init

  4. [PM-1126] – pegasus-analyzer should report information about held jobs
    Pegasus monitoring daemon now populates the reason for held jobs in it’s database. Both pegasus-analyzer and dashboard were updated to show this information.
    Related JIRA items:

    • [PM-1121] – Store reasons for workflow failure in stampede database
    • [PM-1122] – update dashboard to display reasons for workflow state and jobstate
  5. [PM-1058] – Create homebrew tap for pegasus
    Pegasus is now also available via home-brew on MACOSX via a tap repository: contains formulas for pegasus and htcondor.Users can do:$ brew tap pegasus-isi/tools
    $ brew install pegasus htcondor
    $ brew tap homebrew/services
    $ brew services start htcondor
  6. [PM-928] – pegasus-exitcode should write its output to a log file
    pegasus-exticode is now set to write to a workflow global log file ending in exitcode.log that captures pegasus-exitcode stdout and stderr as json messages.  This allows users to check pegasus-exitcode messages, which otherwise would have been set to /dev/null by condor dagman.
  7. [PM-1115] – Pegasus to check for cyclic dependencies in the DAG
    Pegasus now explicitly checks for cyclic dependencies and reports one of the edges making up the cycle.
  8. [PM-1054] – Add option to ignore files in libinterpose
    kickstart now has support for environment variables KICKSTART_TRACE_MATCH and KICKSTART_TRACE_IGNORE that determine what file accesses are captured via lib interpose. The MATCH version only traces files that match the patterns, and the IGNORE version does NOT trace files that match the patterns. Only one of the two can be specified.
  9. [PM-915] – modify kickstart to collect and aggregate runtime metadata
  10. [PM-1004] – update metrics server ui to display extra planner configuration metrics
  11. [PM-1111] – pegasus planner and api’s should have support for ppc64 as architecture type
  12. [PM-1117] – Support for tutorial via pegasus-init on bluewaters


  1. [PM-1125] – Disable builds for older platforms
  2. [PM-1116] – pass task resource requirements as environment variables for job wrappers to pick up
  3. [PM-1112] – enable variable expansion for regex based replica catalog
  4. [PM-1105] – Mirror job priorities to DAGMan node priorities
    • HTCondor ticket 5749 . We can assign DAG priorities only if detected condor version is greater than 8.5.
  5. [PM-1094] – pegasus-dashboard file browser should load on demand
  6. [PM-1079] – pegasus-statistics should be able to skip over failures when generating particular type of stats
  7. [PM-1073] – condor_q changes in 8.5.x will affect pegasus-status
  8. [PM-1023] – KIckstart stdout/stderr as CDATA
  9. [PM-749] – Store job held reasons in stampede database
  10. [PM-1088] – Move to relative paths in dagman and condor submit files
  11. [PM-900] – site catalog for XSEDE
  12. [PM-901] – site for OSG

Bugs Fixed

  1. [PM-1061] – pegasus-analyzer should detect and report on failed job submissions
  2. [PM-1118] – database changes to jobstate and workflow state tables
  3. [PM-1124] – Hashed Output Mappers throw unable to instantiate error
  4. [PM-1127] – Wf adds worker package staging even though it has already placed a worker package in place