Pegasus 4.7.3 Released

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We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 4.7.3. Pegasus 4.7.3 is a minor release of Pegasus and includes improvements and bug fixes to the 4.7.2 release. It has a bug fix without which monitoring will break for users running with HTCondor 8.5.8 or higher.


  1. [PM-1109] – dashboard to display errors if a job is killed instead of exiting with non zero exitcode
    • pegasus-monitord did not pass signal information from the kickstart records to the monitoring database. If a job fails and because of a signal, it will now create an error message indicating the signal information, and populate it.
  2. [PM-1129] – dashboard should display database and pegasus version
  3. [PM-1138] – Pegasus dashboard pie charts should distinguish between running and unsubmitted
  4. [PM-1155] – remote cleanup jobs should have file url’s if possible

Bugs Fixed

  1. [PM-1132] – Hashed staging mapper doen’t work correctly with sub dax generation jobs
    • For large workflows with dax generation jobs, the planning broke for sub workflows if the dax was generated in a hashed directory structure. It is now fixed.
    • Note: As a result of this fix, pegasus-plan prescripts for sub workflows in all cases, are now invoked by pegasus-lite
  2. [PM-1135] – pegasus.transfer.bypass.input.staging breaks symlinking on the local site
  3. [PM-1136] – With bypass input staging some URLs are ending up in the wrong site
  4. [PM-1147] – pegasus-transfer should check that files exist before trying to transfer them
    • In case where the source file url’s don’t exist, pegasus-transfer used to still attempt multiple retries resulting in hard to read error messages. This was fixed, whereby pegasus-transfer does not attempt retries on a source if a source file does not exist.
  5. [PM-1151] – pegasus-monitord fails to populate stampede DB correctly when workflow is run on HTCondor 8.5.8
  6. [PM-1152] – pegasus-analyzer not showing stdout and stderr of failed transfer jobs
    • In case of larger stdout+stderr outputted by an application, we store only first 64K in the monitoring database combined for a single or clustered job. There was a bug whereby if a single task outputted more than 64K nothing was populated. This is fixed
  7. [PM-1153] – Pegasus creates extraneous spaces when replacing <file name=”something” />
    • DAX parser was updated to not add extraneous spaces when constructing the argument string for jobs
  8. [PM-1154] – regex too narrow for GO names with dashes
  9. [PM-1157] – monitord replay should work on submit directories that are moved
    • pegasus generated submit files have absolute paths. However, for debugging purposes where a submit directory might be moved to a different host, where the paths don’t exist. monitord now searches for files based on relative paths from the top level submit directory. This enables users to repopulate their workflow databases easily.