Pegasus 4.8.2 Released

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We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 4.8.2 . Pegasus 4.8.2 is a minor bug fix release


  1. [PM-1244] – analyzer is not showing location of submit file
  2. [PM-1262] – Condor DagMan no longer allows . in job names
  3. [PM-1264] – update pegasus-init and usc tutorial to account for the SLURM upgrade

Bugs Fixed

  1. [PM-1245] – Blank space in remote_environment variable generates blank export command
  2. [PM-1249] – Build fails against newer PostgreSQL
  3. [PM-1253] – Planner should complain for same file designated as input and output
  4. [PM-1255] – Singularity 2.4.(2?) pull cli has changed
  5. [PM-1256] – rc-client does not strip quotes from PFN while populating
  6. [PM-1259] – unable to change encoding for events via properties
  7. [PM-1261] – PMC .in files are not generated into the 00/00 pattern folder
  8. [PM-1263] – Invalid raise statement in Python
  9. [PM-1266] – Jupyter API does not only plans the workflow without submitting it