eScience 2019 and Gateways 2019 Talks and Events

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The Pegasus (SciTech) group will be presenting several talks at various workshops and main conference sessions for both the eScience 2019 and Gateways 2019 conferences. See below for a list of our team’s events (details pending).

If you would like to meet with the Pegasus team in person, please email We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!


Gateways 2019

Monday Sep 23:

  • 1:30pm (Tutorial) – Deploy computations and workflows, at-scale, on the Open Science Grid – Mats Rynge, USC/ISI

Tuesday Sep 24:

  • 11:20am – Search SRA Gateway for Metagenomics Data – Mats Rynge, USC/ISI
  • 2:20pm – Enabling Data Streaming-based Science Gateway through Federated Cyberinfrastructure


eScience 2019

Tuesday Sep 24:

  • BC2DC ’19 Workshop
    • 4:15pm – Bridging Concepts and Practice in eScience via Simulation-driven Engineering – Rafael Ferreira da Silva, USC/ISI

Wednesday Sep 25:

  • 1:00pm – Custom Execution Environments with Containers in Pegasus-enabled Scientific Workflows Karan Vahi, USC/ISI
  • 3:30pm (Panel) – Engineering Challenges for eScience Tools/Infrastructures, Future Directions of the Infrastructures, Community Engagement, etc. – Rafael Ferreira da Silva, USC/ISI
  • 3:30pm – Toward a Dynamic Network-centric Distributed Cloud Platform for Scientific Workflows: A Case Study for Adaptive Weather Sensing Eric Lyons UMASS, George Papadimitriou USC/ISI

Thursday Sep 26:

  • 10:30am (Tutorial) – Pegasus Scientific Workflows with Containers – Karan Vahi, USC/ISI
  • 3:30pm – Cyberinfrastructure Center of Excellence Pilot: Connecting Large Facilities Cyberinfrastructure – Ewa Deelman, USC/ISI
  • 4:00pm – Characterization of In Situ and In Transit Analytics of Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Next-generation Supercomputer
We look forward to seeing you there !!!