Pegasus 4.9.2 Released

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We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 4.9.2. Pegasus 4.9.2 is a minor bug fix release after Pegasus 4.9.1.

This release has support for retrieval of datasets from HPSS, and improved events that can be sent to AMQP endpoints for users to build custom dashboards. Additionally, all PegasusLite jobs will now chirp durations of the major steps such as data staging, task execution and data stage-out.

Also there is a new integrity dial (nosymlink) that allows you to disable integrity checking on symlinked files.

Binary packages for Ubuntu 17 Zesty and Debian 8 Jessie have been discontinued. Packages for Debian 10 Buster have been added.

New Features and Improvements

  1. [PM-1355] – composite records when sending events to AMQP
  2. [PM-1357] – In lite jobs, chirp durations for stage in, stage out of data
  3. [PM-1367] – Support for retrieval from HPSS tape store using commands htar and his
  4. [PM-1376] – Add LSF local attributes
  5. [PM-1378] – Handle (copy) HPSS credentials when an environment variable is set
  6. [PM-1337] – pegasus should run monitord-replay at the end of a workflow
  7. [PM-1356] – Replace Google CDN with a different CDN as China block it
  8. [PM-1363] – Condor Configuration MOUNT_UNDER_SCRATCH causes pegasus auxiliary jobs to fail
  9. [PM-1373] – Debian Buster no longer provides openjdk-8-jdk
  10. [PM-1374] – make monitord resilient to dagman logging the debug level in dagman.out
  11. [PM-1375] – Do not run integrity checks on symlinked files
  12. [PM-1365] – remove __ from event keys wherever possible
  13. [PM-1381] – Associated planner changes to handle LSF sites
  14. [PM-1387] – make the netlogger events consistent with the documentation

Bugs Fixed

  1. [PM-1358] – HTCondor 8.8.0/8.8.1 remaps /tmp, and can break access to x509 credentials
  2. [PM-1360] – planner drops transfer_(in|out)put_files if NoGridStart is used
  3. [PM-1364] – Container Name Collision
  4. [PM-1366] – Pegasus Cluster Label – Job Env Not Picked Up in Containers
  5. [PM-1369] – Chirp related changes causing jobs to get held.
  6. [PM-1370] – submit error
  7. [PM-1377] – A + in a tc name breaks pegasus-plan
  8. [PM-1379] – Stage out job fails – wrong src location
  9. [PM-1384] – .sig Singularity images (naming issue?)