Pegasus 5.0.2 Released

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We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 5.0.2, which is a minor bug fix release for Pegasus 5.0 branch.  This release has some important updates namely

Pegasus 5.0.2 Release Image
Pegasus 5.0.2 Release Image
  • Updated Pegasus Log4J support to 2.17.
  • Globus Online Transfers now have support for consent options on endpoints
  • Allows easy clustering of the whole workflow without associating labels for the jobs

The release also has important bug fixes related to correctly detecting job  failures for grid universe jobs.

We invite our users to give it a try.

The release can be downloaded from:

Complete list of improvements and bug fixes can be found below


  1. [PM-1828] – Doc. mismatch
  2. [PM-1817] – pegasus-run with shell code generator
  3. [PM-1824] – decaf jobs should be associated with pegasus-exitcode postscript
  4. [PM-1825] – update glossary
  5. [PM-1826] – way to pass on additional arguments to clustered jobs
  6. [PM-1830] – Globus Online transfers required GO consent
  7. [PM-1835] – Upcoming changes to DAGMan output logging
  8. [PM-1836] – Update Pegasus Log4J support to 2.16
  9. [PM-1839] – allow easy clustering of the whole workflow without associating labels for the jobs
  10. [PM-1673] – passing properties as str to Properties() can be error prone, add some preliminary checks before writing
  11. [PM-1759] – user facing class/function args shouldn’t be prefixed with _ such as _id
  12. [PM-1816] – make it easier to add entries to the replica catalog by inferring site, lfn, pfn from file Path or URL
  13. [PM-1822] – improve parsing of value in Mixins._to_mb(value)
  14. [PM-1827] – type check pfn in ReplicaCatalog.add_replica()
  15. [PM-1831] – planner by default should pick up credentials.conf when pegasus-s3 is used
  16. [PM-1834] – ensure that yaml is serialized in a deterministic manner
  17. [PM-1858] – pegasus-s3 should pick up PEGASUS_CREDENTIAL environment variable
  18. [PM-1859] – Document decaf as a clustering tool in the clustering guide

Bugs Fixed

  1. [PM-1763] – validate all strings that will then be used as filenames or used in sub files
  2. [PM-1821] – job failures not detected for grid universe jobs
  3. [PM-1823] – Serialization of pegasus.memory results in a floating point no.
  4. [PM-1832] – extraneous whitespace in arguments for sub workflow job with java generator
  5. [PM-1837] – planner throws null pointer exception when invalid staging site is given
  6. [PM-1838] – Intermediate outputs in a clustered job get sent back to staging site when they are not used by subsequent jobs outside of the cluster and when stage_out has been set to false for those files
  7. [PM-1840] – Workflow class methods will always be None
  8. [PM-1851] – PegasusLite submissions to local cluster (Slurm/PBS/etc) unable to source