Pegasus 5.0.4 Released

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We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 5.0.4, which is a minor bug fix release for Pegasus 5.0 branch. This release has some minor updates:

– Support for HTCondor 10.2 series
– Improved sub workflow file handling

We invite our users to give it a try.

The release can be downloaded from:

JIRA items

Exhaustive list of features, improvements and bug fixes can be found below.
Pegasus JIRA is accessible at

New Features and Improvements

[PM-1890]  pegasus-analyzer should show failing jobs

[PM-1891]  pegasus-analyzer should traverse all sub workflows

[PM-1898]  File dependencies for sub workflow jobs – differentiate inputs for planner use and those for sub workflow

[PM-1899]  update python api and json schema to expose forPlanning boolean attribute with files in uses section

[PM-1900]  update java wf api to support forPlanner attribute for files

Bugs Fixed

[PM-1895]  handle condor_submit updated way of specifying environment in the .dag.condor.sub file

[PM-1893]  need to explicitly mount sharedfilesystem dir into container when using shared filesystem as staging site for nonsharedfs

[PM-1894]  worker package transfer into application containers

[PM-1896]  In pegasus lite scripts worker package strict check is turned off

[PM-1897]  update pegasus-configure-glite to use BLAHPD_LOCATION