Pegasus 2.4.1 Released

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Release Notes for PEGASUS 2.4.1
This is minor release, that fixes some critical bugs discovered 
after 2.4.0 release and some feature enhancements.


1) Specifying different relative submit and execution directories
   Earlier --relative-dir was used to determine the relative submit
   directory for a workflow and the relative execution directory on
   the remote site. Users now can optionally specify --relative-submit-dir
   if they want the relative submit directory to be different from
   the remtoe execution directory.

   This is useful when a user wants certain sub workflows in a 
   DAX 3.0 dax to be executed in the same execution directory , while 
   having the submit directories different.

   This feature addition was tracked in JIRA via PM-116

2) Python tools to visualize the DAX and DAG

   There are new tools and in the bin directory.
   - reads a DAGMan .dag file (and the corresponding .sub files, if present). 
   - reads a Pegasus DAX file.

   Notable features of the new scripts include:
   - Removal of redundant edges in the workflow to make the 
     resulting diagrams easier to look at.
   - Coloring by transformation type.
   - Removal of nodes by transformation type.

   The new scripts are in the $PEGASUS_HOME/bin directory.

3) Generating a site catalog for OSG for VO other than LIGO/Engage

   pegasus-get-sites can now generate a site catalog for OSG for any 
   VO using the OSGMM backend. Earlier a user could only generate
   a site catalog for LIGO and Engage VO.

   This feature addition was tracked in JIRA via PM-67

4) New features to pegasus-analyzer

   pegasus-analyzer can now run on other users submit directories.

   - Earlier pegasus-analyzer could not analyze workflow submit
     directories for which the user running pegasus-analyzer did 
     not have the write permissions. This was because pegasus-analyzer
     tried to generate a jobstate.log file in the workflow submit
     directory. This is now directed to a tmp file in the /tmp directory

   - pegasus-analyzer can be used to analyze SUBDAGS/workflows that
     are not planned via Pegasus

   - New command line option --print option that optionally can print
     the invocation and prescript for the failed jobs.

5) pegasus-status has a --long option

   If the --long option is set,  pegasus-status retrieves the last updated
   status of the workflow from the dagman out file, instead of displaying
   the running jobs in the condorq.

   For e.g here is how the sample output looks like

   $ pegasus-status --long .
   03/25 04:24:22 Done Pre Queued Post Ready Un-Ready Failed
   03/25 04:24:22 === === === === === === ===
   03/25 04:24:22 5 0 50 0 43 0 0


1) Mismatched source and destination urls in input files for stagein jobs

   In certain cases, it was found that the source and destination pair in
   the input files for the stagein jobs were mismatched.

   The source url referred to one file and the destination file to another.

   This was triggered when pegasus detected circular symlinks . i.e a file 
   that was to be symlinked in the remote execution directory already existed
   ( accd to the entry in the replica catalog )

   More details at

2) symlink jobs were not launched correctly via kickstart

   The symlink jobs while being launched via kickstart did not have the stdin 
   file transferred correctly from the submit host.

   This is now fixed.

   More details at

3) Determining Condor Version
   Pegasus executes the condor_version command to determine the version of
   condor running on the submit host. This is used to create the correct 
   version of the dagman.sub files, when workflows of workflows are executed.

   Pegasus did not parse the following output correctly

   $CondorVersion: 7.4.1 Dec 17 2009 UWCS-PRE $

   The internal regex was updated to follow the following rule
   $CondorVersion: 7.4.1 Dec 17 2009 <ANY_ARBITRARY_STRING> $

   the version number and date will always be there.

   <ANY_ARBITRARY_STRING> may or may not be there, and can 
   include spaces but is really completely arbitrary. don't rely
   on that for the version information.just use the version and date.