Pegasus 2.4.3 Released

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This is minor release, that fixes some RPM and DEB packaging bugs. It
has improvements to the Data Reuse Algorithm and pegasus-analyzer.


1) pegasus-analyzer has debug-job feature for pure condor environment

   pegasus-analyzer now has an option debug-job that generates a shell
   script for a failed job and allows users to run it later. This is
   only valid for pure condor environment where we relying on condor
   to do the file transfers. 
   The script will copy all necessary files to a local directory and
   invoke the job with the necessary command-line options. More
   details  in JIRA issue PM-92. Two options were added --debug-job,
   and  --debug-dir, where the first one indicated which job should
   be  debugged. The second option is used to specify where the user
   wants to debug this job (default is to create a temp dir).

2) New Implementation of Data Reuse Algorithm

   The data reuse algorithm reduces the workflow on the basis of
   existing  output files of the workflow found in the Replica
   Catalog. The algorithm works in two passes.

   In the first pass , we determine all the jobs whose output files
   exist  in the Replica Catalog. An output file with the transfer
   flag set to false is treated equivalent to the file existing in the
   Replica Catalog , if

   the output file is not an input to any of the children of the job X

   In the second pass, we remove the job whose output files exist in
   the Replica Catalog and try to cascade the deletion upwards to the
   parent jobs. We start the breadth first traversal of the workflow
   bottom up. 

   A node is marked for deletion if -

     ( It is already marked for deletion in pass 1
        ( ALL of it's children have been marked for deletion
           Node's output files have transfer flags set to false

3)  Workflow with NOOP Job is created when workflow is reduced fully

    In the case where the Data Reuse Algorithm reduces all the jobs in
    the workflow, a workflow with a single NOOP job is created. 

    This is to ensure that pegasus-run works correctly, and in case of
    workflows of workflows the empty sub workflows dont trigger an
    error in the outer level workflow. 


1) RPMs had mismatched permissions on the jars versus the
   setup.csh scripts. The result was empty CLASSPATHs after sourcing
   the setup scripts. The scripts have now been opened up to allow
   for the permissions of the files in the RPMs

2) A Debian packaging problem due to .svn files being left in the deb

3) The setup scripts can now guess JAVA_HOME using a common system
   install locations. This is useful for RPMs and DEBs which already
   have declared dependencies on certain JREs

4) pegasus-status incorrectly reported status of workflow when it
   starts up.

   pegasus-status incorrectly reported the number of workflows and %
   done when a workflow of workflows started. This is now fixed both
   in branch 2.4 and head.

5) NPE while label based clustering
   The logger object in the label based clusterer was incorrectly
   instantiated leading to a null pointer exception 

   This is fixed both in branch 2.4 and head

   More details at

6) Incorrect -w option to kickstart for clustered jobs with Condor
   file staging. 

   When using condor file transfers and label-based clustering Pegasus
   generated the -w working directory option and sets it to a
   generated  path in /tmp. This broke the workflow because condor
   transfers  all the input files to the condor exec directory. This
   problem did not get triggered if the workflow was not clustered.

   More details at

7) Condor stdout and stderr streaming

   Condor streaming is now supported in Condor for both grid and non
   grid universe jobs. We always put in the streaming keys. They
   default to false. 

   But can be overridden by properties.

8) Bug fix for exploding relative-dir option when using pdax

   There was a bug whereby the relative-dir option constructed for the
   sub workflows exploded when a user passed a pdax file to
   Full details at

9) Specifying SUNOS in old site catalog format

   The 2.4 branch was not translating OS'es correctly. This lead to a
   NPE if a user specified SUNOS in the old XML site catalog format.

   The conversion functions that convert internally to new format were
   expanded to support more OS