Pegasus 4.5.1 Released

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We are happy to annouce the release of Pegasus 4.5.1. Pegasus 4.5.1 is a minor release, which contains minor enhancements and fixes bugs in the Pegasus 4.5.0 release.


  1. pegasus-statistics reports workflow badput
    pegasus-statistics now reports the workflow badput time, which is the sum of all failed kickstart jobs. More details at
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  2. fast start option for pegasus-monitord
    By default, when monitord starts tracking a live dagman.out file, it sleeps intermittently, waiting for new lines to be logged in the dagman.out file.
    This behavior, however causes monitord to lag considerably
    – when starting for large workflows
    – when monitord gets restarted due to some failure by pegasus-dagman, or we submit a rescue dag.
    Users can now set the property pegasus.monitord.fast_start property to enable it. For a future release, it will be the default behavior.
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  3. Support for throttling jobs across workflows using HTCondor concurrency limits
    Users can now throttle jobs across worklfows using HTCondor concurrency limits. However, this only applies to vanilla universe jobs.
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  4. Support for submissions to local SGE cluster using the GLite interfaces
    Prelimnary support for SGE clusters has been added in Pegasus. To use this you need to copy the from the Pegasus share directory and place it in your condor installation.
    The list of supported keys can be found here
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  5. PEGASUS_SCRATCH_DIR set in the job environment for sharedfs deployment
    Pegasus not sets an environment variable for the job that indicates the PEGASUS scratch directory the job is executed in  , in the case of sharedfs deployments. This is the directory that is created by the create dir job on the execution site for the workflow.
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  6. New properties to control read timeout while setting up connections to the database
    User can now set pegasus.catalog.*.timeout to set the timeout value in seconds. This should be set only if you encounter database locked errors for your installation.
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  7. Ability to prepend to system path before launcing an application executable
    Users can now associate an env profile named KICKSTART_PREPEND_PATH with their jobs, to specify the PATH where application specific modules are installed. kickstart will take this value and prepend it to system path before launching the executable
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  8. environment variables in condor submit files are specified using the newer condor syntax
    For GLITE jobs the environment is specified using the key +remote_environment. For all other jobs, the environment is specified using the environment key but the value is in newer format ( i.e key=value separated by whitespace)
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  9. pass options to pegasus-monitord via properties
    Users can now specify pegasus.monitord.arguments to pass extra options with which pegasus-monitord is launched for the workflow at runtime.
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  10. pegasus-transfer support OSG stashcp
    pegasus-transfer has support for the latest version of stashcp
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  11. pegasus-dashboard improvements
    pegasus-dashboard now loads the directory listing via a AJAX calls. Makes the loading of the workflow details page much faster for large workflows.
    Show working dir. for a job_instance, and invocation in job details and invocation details page.
    Displays an appropriate error message if pegasus-db-admin update of a database fails.
    Added a HTML error page for DB Migration error.
    Configure logging so Flask log messages show up in Apache logs
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  12. PEGASUS_SITE environment variable is set in job’s environment

Bugs Fixed

  1. InPlace cleanup failed if an intermediate file when used as input had transfer flag set to false
    If an intermediate file ( an output file generated by a parent job) was used as an input file to a child job with the transfer flag set to false, then the associated cleanup job did not have a dependency to the child job. As a result, the cleanup job  could run before the child job  (that required it as input) could be run.
     This is now fixed.
  2. Incorrect ( malformed) rescue dag submitted in case planner dies because of memory related issues

    For hieararchal workflows, if a sub worklfow fails then a rescue dag for the sub workflow gets submitted on the job retry. The .dag file for the sub workflow is generated by the planner. If the planner fails during code generation an incoplete .dag file can be submitted.

    This is now fixed. The planner now writes the dag to a tmp file before renaming it to the .dag extension when code completion is done.
  3. Mismatched memory units in kickstart records

    kickstart now reports all memory values in KB. Earlier the procs element in the machine entry was reporting the value in bytes, while the maxrss etc values in the usage elments were in KB.

    This is now fixed.
  4. pegasus-analyzer did not work for sub workflows
    There was a bug in the 4.5.0 release where pegasus-analyzer did not pick up the stampede database for the sub workflows correctly. This is now fixed.
  5. Rescue DAGS not submitted correctly for dag jobs
    There was a bug in the 4.5.0 release as a result of the .dag.condor.sub file was generated. As a result of that, the force option was propogated for the dag jobs in the DAX ( dag jobs are sub workflows that are not planned by Pegasus).
  6. nonsharedfs configuration did not work with Glite style submissions
    In case of nonsharedfs, transfer_executable is set to true to transfer the PegasusLite script. However, in the Glite case, that was explicity disabled, which was preventing the workflows from running successfully.
  7. pegasus-analyzer catches error for wrong directory instead of listing the traceback

  8. pegasus-gridftp fails with: Invalid keyword “POSTALCODE”
    pegasus-gridftp was failing against the XSEDE site stampede, because of change in certificates at TACC. This was fixed by udpating to the latest jglobus jars.

  9. pegasus-statistics deletes directories even if -o option is specified
    By default pegasus-statistics deletes the statistics directory in which the statistics files are generated. However, this had the side affect of deleting user specified directories set by the -o option. that is no longer the case.

  10. pegasus-exitcode ignores errors when it gets “-r 0”
    pegasus-exitcode now only ignores invocation records exitcodes , but does all the other checks specified when the -r option is specified.

  11. pegasus-statistics displays a workflow not found error in case of throwing SqlAlchemy error
    This also happens if pegasus-admin creates an empty workflow database for a new workflow, and nothing is populated ( because events population is turned off).
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  12. InPlace cleanup did not work correctly with mutlisite runs
    InPlace cleanup did not work correctly with inter site transfer jobs. This is now fixed.