Pegasus 4.5.2 Released

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We are happy to annouce the release of Pegasus 4.5.2. Pegasus 4.5.2 is a minor release, which contains minor enhancements and fixes bugs in the Pegasus 4.5.1 release. The release addresses a critical fix for systems running HTCondor 8.2.9 , whereby all dagman jobs for Pegasus workflows fail on startup.


  1. File locations in the DAX treated as a Replica Catalog
    By default, file locations listed in the DAX override entries listed in the Replica Catalog. Users can now set the boolean property pegasus.catalog.replica.dax.asrc to treat the dax locations along with the entries listed in the Replica Catalog for Replica Selection.
  2. Pegasus auxillary tools now have support for iRods 4.x

Bugs Fixed

  1. pegasus-dagman setpgid fails under HTCondor 8.2.9
    Starting with version 8.2.9, HTCondor sets up the process group already to match the pid, and hence the setpgid fails in the pegasus-dagman wrapper around condor-dagman. Because of this all Pegasus workflows fail to start on submit nodes with HTCondor 8.2.9 .
    If you cannot upgrade to Pegasus version 4.5.2 and are running HTCondor 8.2.9, you can set you can turn off HTCondor’s setsid’ing by setting the following in your condor configuration
    The pegasus-dagman wrapper now does not fatally fail, if setpgid fails. More details at
  2. nonshareddfs execution does not work for Glite if auxiliary jobs are planned to run remotely
    For nonsharedfs execution to a local PBS|SGE cluster using the GLite interface, Pegasus generated auxillary jobs had incorrect paths to pegasus-kickstart in the submit files, if a job was mapped to run on the remote ( non local ) site.
    This is now fixed.