Pegasus 4.7.5 Released

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We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 4.7.5 . Pegasus 4.7.5 is a minor release, which contains minor enhancements and fixes bugs. This will most likely be the last release in the 4.7 series, and unless you have specific reasons to stay with the 4.7.x series, we recommend to upgrade to 4.8.0.


  • [PM-1146] – There doesn’t seem to be a way to get a persistent URL for a workflow in dashboard
  • [PM-1186] – pegasus-db-admin should list compatibility with latest pegasus version if no changes to schema
  • [PM-1187] – make scheduler type case insensitive for grid gateway in site catalog
  • [PM-1191] – If available, use GFAL over globus url copy
    • JGlobus is no longer actively supported and is not in compliance with RFC 2818( As a result cleanup jobs using pegasus-gridftp client would fail against the servers supporting the strict mode. We have removed the pegasus-gridftp client and now use gfal clients as globus-url-copy does not support removes. If gfal is not available, globus-url-copy is used for cleanup by writing out zero bytes files instead of removing them.

Bugs Fixed

  • [PM-1032] – Handle proper error message for non-standard python usage
  • [PM-1171] – Monitord regularly produces empty stderr and stdout files
  • [PM-1172] – pegasus-rc-client deletes all entries for a lfn
  • [PM-1173] – cleanup jobs failing against Titan gridftp server due to RFC 2818 compliance
  • [PM-1176] – the job notifications on failure and success should have exitcode from kickstart file
  • [PM-1181] – monitord fails to exit if database is locked
  • [PM-1185] – destination in remote file transfers for inter site jobs point’s to directory
  • [PM-1193] – “pegasus-rc-client list” modifies rc.txt
  • [PM-1196] – pegasus-statistics is not generating jobs.txt for some large workflows
  • [PM-1207] – Investigate error message: Normalizing ‘4.8.0dev’ to ‘4.8.0.dev0’
  • [PM-1208] – Improve database is locked error message
  • [PM-1209] – Analyzer gets confused about retry number in hierarchical workflows
  • [PM-1211] – DAX API should tell which lfn was a dup
  • [PM-1213] – pegasus creates duplicate source URL’s for staged executables
  • [PM-1217] – monitord exits prematurely, when in dagman recovery mode