11.7. pegasus-dagman

1 pegasus-dagman Wrapper around *condor_dagman*. Not to be run by user.

11.7.1. Description

The pegasus-dagman is a python wrapper that invokes pegasus-monitord and condor_dagman both. This is started automatically by pegasus-submit-dag and ultimately condor_submit_dag. DO NOT USE DIRECTLY

11.7.2. Return Value

If the condor_dagman and pegasus-monitord exit successfully, pegasus-dagman exits with 0, else exits with non-zero.

11.7.3. Environment Variables


The path variable is used to locate binary for condor_dagman and pegasus-monitord

11.7.4. See Also

pegasus-run(1) pegasus-monitord(1) pegasus-submit-dag(1)