11.11. pegasus-globus-online-init

Initializes OAuth tokens for Globus Online authentication.

pegasus-globus-online-init  [-h]

11.11.1. Description

pegasus-globus-online-init initializes OAuth tokens, to be used with Globus Online transfers. It redirects the user to globus website, in order to authorize Pegasus wms to perform transfers with the user’s Globus account. By default this tool requests tokens that cannot be refreshed and could potentially expire within a couple of days. In order to provide pegasus with refreshable tokens please use –permanent option. The acquired tokens are placed in globus.conf inside .pegasus folder of the user’s home directory.

Note this tool should be used before starting a workflow that relies on Globus Online transfers, unless the user has initialized the tokens with another way or has acquired refreshable tokens previously.

11.11.2. Options

-h; –help

Prints a usage summary with all the available command-line options.

-p; –permanent

Requests a refresh token that can be used indefinetely. Access can be revoked from globus web interface (manage consents).

-e; –endpoints

A list of endpoints that require data_access consent to move data to and from them. Access can be revoked from globus web interface.