11.33. pegasus-submitdir

1 pegasus-submitdir Manage a workflow submit directory.

pegasus-submitdir COMMAND [options] SUBMITDIR

11.33.1. Description

pegasus-submitdir is used to manage submit directories generated by the Pegasus planner.

The archive command significantly reduces the size of workflow submit directories by compressing the data in a way such that it remains accessible to tools such as pegasus-statistics, pegasus-plots, and pegasus-analyzer.

The extract command reverses the effect of the archive command.

The move command relocates a submit directory and updates relevant pointers in the database so that it can still be accessed through the dashboard.

The delete command removes the submit directory and cleans up any associated records in the user’s master database.

The attach command adds a submit dir to the master database that drives the dashboard.

The detach command removes a submit dir from the master database that drives the dashboard.

11.33.2. Commands


Compresses a workflow submit directory in a way that allows pegasus-dashboard, pegasus-statistics, pegasus-plots, and pegasus-analyzer to keep working. It creates a gzipped tar archive of the submit files and logs that excludes files such as the workflow database, braindump file, and monitord logs, which are used by pegasus reporting tools.


Uncompresses a previously archived submit directory. This option returns the submit directory to the state it was before pegasus-submitdir archive was applied to it.


Move a workflow submit dir from SUBMITDIR to DEST. This operation updates the relevant database records so that the dashboard continues to function. DEST can be either an existing directory, in which case the submit dir becomes a subdirectory, or a new path, in which case the submit dir is renamed. IMPORTANT This operation should only be performed on workflows that will not be resubmitted in the future. Moving a workflow does not update absolute paths in any of the submit files, so after a workflow has been moved it is not possible to rerun it.


Delete a workflow submit dir. This operation removes all related records from the user’s master database, including ensemble manager records. Deleted workflows do not appear in the dashboard.


Add entries for the workflow in SUBMITDIR to the user’s master db. If the workflow is already in the master db, then update the db_url and submit_dir fields to match the actual path of the submit dir. This command will create master_workflow and master_workflowstate entries in the master db for the root workflow in SUBMITDIR.

detach [–wf-uuid <WF_UUID>] SUBMITDIR

Remove entries for the workflow in SUBMITDIR from the user’s master db. This command will delete any entries in the master_workflow and master_workflowstate tables.

11.33.3. Global Options

-h; –help

Prints a usage summary with all the available command-line options.