11.22. pegasus-mpi-keg

MPI version of KEG

pegasus-mpi-keg [-a appname] [-t interval |-T interval] [-l logname]
            [-P prefix] [-o fn [..]] [-i fn [..]] [-G sz] [-m memory]
            [-r root_memory_allocation] [-C] [-e env [..]] [-p parm [..]]

11.22.1. Description

The parallel version of kanonical executable is a stand-in for parallel binaries in a DAG - but not for their arguments. It allows to trace the shape of the execution of a DAG, and thus is an aid to debugging DAG related issues.

It works in the same way as the sequential version of pegasus-keg but it is intended to be executed as an MPI task. pegasus-mpi-keg accepts the same parameters as pegasus-keg, so please refer to the pegasus-keg manual page for more details.

11.22.2. Arguments

The same as pegasus-keg. But there are some MPI-specific arguments.

-r root_memory_allocation_only

Works use only with the -m option. When set, the memory allocation will take place in the root MPI process only. By default, each MPI processe allocates the amount of memory set by the -m option.

11.22.3. Return Value

The same as pegasus-keg.

11.22.4. Example

The example shows the bracketing of an input file, and the copy produced on the output file. For illustration purposes, the output file is connected to stdout :

$ date > xx
$ mpiexec -n 2 ./pegasus-mpi-keg -i xx -p a b c -o -
--- start xx ----
  Tue Dec  2 17:35:39 PST 2014
--- final xx ----
Timestamp Today: 20141202T173553.184-08:00 (1417570553.184;0.001)
Applicationname: pegasus-mpi-keg [36116e11c0735993bf54264953194e626fe4ab7e 2014-11-25] @ (myc-2.local)
Current Workdir: /opt/pegasus/default/bin/pegasus-mpi-keg
Systemenvironm.: x86_64-Darwin 14.0.0
Processor Info.: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4278U CPU @ 2.60GHz
Load Averages  : 1.240 1.354 1.434
Memory Usage MB: 8192 total, 161 avail, 3599 active, 2496 inactive, 1077 wired
Swap Usage   MB: 2048 total, 1256 free
Filesystem Info: /                        hfs   232GB total,    66GB avail
Output Filename: -
Input Filenames: xx
Other Arguments: a b c

11.22.5. Restrictions

The same as pegasus-keg.