11.12. pegasus-globus-online

Interfaces with Globus Online for managed transfers.

pegasus-globus-online [--mkdir]
                      [--file inputfile]

11.12.1. Description

pegasus-globus-online takes a JSON input from the pegasus-transfer tool and executes the list by interacting with the Globus Online service.

It assumes that the endpoints already have been activated using the web interface. To authenticate with Globus Online, OAuth tokens must be provided inside the JSON that defines the operation. Tokens can be initialized with pegasus-globus-online-init tool.

Note that pegasus-globus-online is a tool mostly used internally in Pegasus workflows, in particular by pegasus-transfer.

11.12.2. Options


The input JSON is for a mkdir request


The input JSON is for a transfer request


The input JSON is for a remove request

–file inputfile

JSON transfer specification. If not given, stdin will be used.


Enables debugging output.