11.13. pegasus-graphviz

Convert a Pegasus workflow YAML or DAX file, or Condor DAGMan file into a graphviz dot file

pegasus-graphviz [options] FILE

11.13.1. Description

pegasus-graphviz is a tool that generates a graphviz DOT file based on a Pegasus DAX file or DAGMan DAG file. FILE in pegasus-graphviz [options] FILE must have the extension .yml, .dax, .xml, or .dag.

11.13.2. Options

-h; –help

Show the help message

-s; –nosimplify

Do not simplify the graph by removing redundant edges. [default: False]

-l LABEL; –label LABEL

What attribute to use for labels. One of label,xform, or id. For label, the transformation is used for jobs that have no node-label. [default: label]

-o FILE; –output FILE

Write output to FILE. If FILE is given with any of the following extensions: 'png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'pdf', 'gif', and 'svg', pegasus-graphviz will internally invoke dot -T<extension> -o FILE. Note that graphviz must be installed to output these file types. If any other extension is given, the raw dot representation is output to FILE. [default: stdout]

-r XFORM; –remove XFORM

Remove jobs from the workflow by transformation name

-W WIDTH; –width WIDTH

Width of the digraph.


Height of the digraph.

-f; –files

Include files. This option is only valid for DAX files. [default: false]

11.13.3. Example

pegasus-graphviz workflow.yml
pegasus-graphviz workflow.dax
pegasus-graphviz workflow.yml --label=xform-id --output=wf.dot