11.29. pegasus-sc-converter

A client to parse the site catalogs in old format (XML and generates site catalog in new format (YAML).
pegasus-sc-converter [-Dprop  [..]]  --input <list of input files> --output <output file to write>
                     [--iformat input format] [--oformat <output format>] [--conf <path to property file>] [--verbose]
                     [--quiet] [--Version] [--help]

11.29.1. Description

The pegasus-sc-converter program is used to convert the site catalog from XML to YAML.

Currently, the following formats of site catalog exist.


This format is the old format used in Pegasus version <= 4.9.4. All information about a site that can be described about a site can be described in this format. In addition, the user has finer grained control over the specification of directories and FTP servers that are accessible at the head node and the worker node. The user can also specify which different file-servers for read/write operations

A sample entry in this format looks as follows

<site handle="osg" arch="x86" os="LINUX" osrelease="" osversion="" glibc="">
        <grid  type="gt2" contact="viz-login.isi.edu/jobmanager-pbs" scheduler="PBS" jobtype="compute"/>
        <grid  type="gt2" contact="viz-login.isi.edu/jobmanager-fork" scheduler="Fork" jobtype="auxillary"/>

        <directory path="/tmp" type="local-scratch">
                <file-server operation="put" url="file:///tmp"/>

        <profile namespace="pegasus" key="style">condor</profile>
        <profile namespace="condor" key="universe">vanilla</profile>

This format conforms to the XML schema found at http://pegasus.isi.edu/schema/sc-4.0.xsd.


This format is the new format since Pegasus 5.0. This format is identical to the XML in terms of information but translated into YAML. A sample entry in this format looks as follows

pegasus: "5.0"
  name: "osg"
  arch: "x86_64"
  os.type: "linux"
    type: "local-scratch"
    path: "/tmp"
      operation: "all"
      url: "file:///tmp"
      universe: "vanilla"
      style: "condor"

This format conforms to the XML schema found at http://pegasus.isi.edu/schema/sc-5.0.yml.

11.29.2. Options


The -D option allows an experienced user to override certain properties which influence the program execution, among them the default location of the user’s properties file and the PEGASUS_HOME location. One may set several CLI properties by giving this option multiple times.

The -D option(s) must be the first option on the command line. CLI properties take precedence over the file-based properties of the same key.

-i infile[,*infile*,…]; –input infile[,*infile*,…]

The comma separated list of input files that need to be converted to a file in the format specified by –oformat option.

-o outfile; –output outfile

The output file to which the output needs to be written out to. Other Options

-O fmt; –oformat fmt

The output format of the output file.

Valid values for the output format is YAML

-c path; –conf path

path to property file.

-e; –expand

sets variable expansion on. Any variables in input files will be expanded and their values will be written out to output site catalog.

-v; –verbose

Increases the verbosity of messages about what is going on.

By default, all FATAL ERROR, ERROR , WARNINGS and INFO messages are logged.

-V; –version

Displays the current version number of the Pegasus Workflow Planner Software.

-h; –help

Displays all the options to the pegasus-plan command.

11.29.3. Example

pegasus-sc-converter -i sites.xml -o sites.yml  -O YAML -v